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Pokémon TCG: Snow Hazard & Clay Burst Set is currently Sold Out in Japan!

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The latest Pokémon TCG set, which brought new Clay Burst and Snow Hazard packs, is to blame for the current shortage of Pokémon TCG cards in Japan. The situation is so severe, The Pokémon Company issued an official statement!

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The latest Pokémon TCG set has lured more demand than what The Company can offer, reports state. The set, which is called a "double set" because it merged the packs inspired by Scarlet & Violetlink outside website's "Treasures of Ruin" and the Japanese Triple Beat setlink outside website, has a few very rare and coveted collector cards, which have a different acquisition method. It also contains a few very interesting EX cards, which might push this set to the title of "most hyped up set ever".


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There's a Special Illustration Rare Iono card in the Clay Burst packs, and the Snow Hazard packs can contain a Special Illustration Rare Grusha card. The fact that these two can only be obtained this way, in different packs, has driven collectors and players alike to form queue lines that are "insane" by April 13th, one day before the set was released.



The Iono card has since been reported to sell for $1255, with cases containing both Clay Burst and Snow Hazard packs going for as high as $3600.

It's now five days after the release on April 14th, and The Pokémon Company has published an official announcement that states they "(...) are currently out of stock of all Pokémon Card Game products". They added in the announcement that they "sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers who were unable to purchase them (sic)." The announcement was made in Japanese on the official Japan website.

This has long been an issue for fans, as Pokémon TCG has experienced shortages before. There have even been thefts of Pokémon cards lately in the news, besides the fact these very coveted cards haven't even been released outside of Japan yet. The online market will surely fluctuate and swell, considering the rarity of the cards in this set.