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Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces - Top 10 Best Cards

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Check out the best cards from Scarlet & Violet's 5th base set. We listed the top 10 best Pokémon from this set and some honorable mentions, besides the best Trainers for Standard and the Mist Energy card.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Now that Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forceslink outside website is among us (released on March 22nd, 2024), we can pull it apart and see which are its best 10 Pokémon for Standard, besides its best Trainer cards and special energy cards.

Top 10 Pokémon from Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces

10 - Flutter Mane

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We'll start our article with an Ancient Paradox Pokémon: Flutter Mane, "Misdreavus' Paradox version". Flutter Mane earned its spot in this list thanks to its ability, Midnight Fluttering, which tells us that, if this Pokémon is our active Pokémon, none of the other Pokémon in play can use abilities, and only Midnight Fluttering will be enabled.


It is a way to disable many meta Pokémon that use abilities as their main mechanic, such as, for instance, Radiant Greninja ASR 46, Lumineon V PR-SW SWSH250, Rotom V CRZ 45, and Bibarel PR-SW SWSH188.

Besides this, its attack is relatively good, considering it deals a lot of damage and also puts two damage counters on your opponent's benched Pokémon.

9 - Metang

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This Metang will play a support role with its ability, Metal Maker: once during your turn (before you declare your attack), you may look at the top 4 cards in your deck, get any Basic Metal Energy sve 8 that you find over there, and attach them to your Pokémon in any way you want.

As it is a stage 1 Pokémon, it is faster to build, unlike Magnezone ASR 107, which is a stage 2 Pokémon and needs more resources to evolve (like Rare Candy PGO 69).

8 - Miraidon

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Besides being a "baby" Pokémon, it is incredibly useful for Future Paradox decks because of its first attack, which allows us to move energy cards to Future Pokémon. This will help us set up attackers like Iron Hands ex sv4 70, Iron Leaves ex TEF 25, and Iron Crown ex TEF 81.

7 - Feraligatr

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This is one of the most interesting "baby" Pokémon from this set because of how aggressive its ability, Torrential Heart, is, as it guarantees you an extra 120 damage (even though it will put 5 damage counters on this Pokémon in the process). This means that its attack, Giant Wave, will deal 280 damage for just two Water energy cards!

6 - Incineroar ex

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The first Pokémon ex in this set we'll mention is Incineroar, which stands out because of its ability. With it, this Pokémon's attacks will cost one energy card less for each Pokémon on your opponent's bench. In the best-case scenario, with 4 Pokémon on your opponent's bench, Blaze Blast, its attack, will cost only one Fire energy card!

Not to mention, this attack also gives your opponent's active Pokémon the Burned "special status", which means, if they miss their coin toss once per turn and hit "tails", they'll constantly be dealt 20 damage!

This Pokémon shows a lot of potential with Relicanth TEF 84, which was also released in this set. This Pokémon's ability, in turn, allows us to use attacks from previous evolutions of our evolved Pokémon - with Litten SIT 30 and Torracat SIT 31, for instance, we'll be able to create several excellent decks. In this example, with Litten's Reprisal attack, Incineroar ex TEF 34, and its 320 HP, we'll deal up to 620 damage!

5 - Gengar ex

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In my previous article about Gengar exlink outside website, I created a list with this Pokémon that uses it as an effective way to deal with the Psychic type in this format. It will be an excellent attacker, as it can move your opponent's energy cards around and sabotage them.


Additionally, its ability gives your opponent 2 damage counters any time they move an energy card from their hand to their Pokémon.

We can create several other decks with it. Check a few of them out by clicking here!link outside website

4 - Iron Crown ex

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Now for Paradox Pokémon ex, we have the Paradox "Sword of Justice" - Cobalion's Future version.

Its ability, Cobalt Command, gives your Future Pokémon an extra 20 damage. And it stacks: if you have two Iron Crown ex TEF 81 on board, your Future Pokémon will get an extra 40 damage. This significantly improves Iron Hands ex sv4 70's attack, Amp You Very Much, for instance.

Furthermore, its attack, Twin Shotels, is great because it can go over any effect your opponent's Pokémon have, including abilities - this means it can go over Manaphy BRS 41's ability.

3 - Walking Wake ex

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In our third place, we have Suicune's "Ancient Paradox". Its ability, Azure Seas, tells us that Walking Wake's attacks go over enemy effects. For instance, if your opponent is playing Eiscue ex sv3 42 and has activated its effect, which prevents us from attacking the next turn ... Walking Wake ex TEF 50 will go over this and attack as usual.

Furthermore, its main attack will deal an extra 120 damage besides its base damage, but only if your opponent is affected by any "special statuses".

2 - Gouging Fire ex

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In our second spot, we have "Entei"'s "Ancient Paradox", which is one of the greatest bets for this meta due to its combos with Iron Valiant ex sv4 89, Future Booster Energy Capsule sv4 164, and many Switch Cart ASR 154 and Switch sv1 194 so we can use its attack, Blaze Blitz, as frequently as we can.

As this attack will only be available for us if we remove this Pokémon from the active position, it is important to use mobility cards as much as we can.

1 - Raging Bolt ex

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In our very first place, we have Raikou's "Ancient Paradox" version and its second attack, which requires you to discard energy cards from your Pokémon to deal a lot of damage. So, we'll count with the help of recursive Pokémon like Sandy Shocks ex sv4 108.

I built a version of a deck with it and Lucario BRS 79 to complement our overall strategy, as it searches for basic Fighting type energy cards, like Sandy Shocks ex sv4 108. Check it out by clicking herelink outside website.

Honorable Mentions - Pokémon


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This Pokémon's ability allows your evolved Pokémon to use attacks from their previous forms.

With it, it will be interesting to create decks with stage 2 Pokémon that have efficient attacks in their base forms and stage 1 Pokémon, as we mentioned above when we discussed Incineroar ex TEF 34.


Without a question, this card will be a great addition in Standard and Expanded.

Torterra ex

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This is another Japanese favorite. It will be able to deal with Charizard ex sv4pt5 54 because of its Grass type, which is Charizard's weakness in this Terastal form.

We can use Torterra BRS 8 with this "ex" version of Torterra. With these two, we have an option if we want to play a deck that costs a bit less and is efficient against Darkness Pokémon with a weakness to the Grass type.


Buddy-Buddy Poffin

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This card will be a "staple", as it will replace Battle VIP Pass FST 225 in this rotation. It will be essential to set up two basic Pokémon with up to 70 HP on your board, and you can use it whenever you like, in any turn.

It is a must for those who have decks with stage 2 Pokémon and basic Pokémon with less than 70 HP.

Morty's Conviction

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Morty’s Conviction TEF 155 will be essential to draw cards efficiently, and the only thing it requires is that you discard a card in your hand. Afterward, it will draw you a card for each Pokémon on your opponent's bench, which means it can draw you up to 5 cards.

It is a great way to draw cards fast in several decks.


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This Supporter is similar to Wally ROS 94, as it searches for an evolution card in your deck and puts it onto a Pokémon to evolve it, even if you played that Pokémon only that turn. There's a slight difference, however: this card tells us, in its text, that it will only get you an "evolution" Pokémon that has no abilities.


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All the cards listed above will be incredibly important in their respective decks. The most replaceable of them is Neo Upper Energy TEF 162, as it isn't worth it to waste a spot in your deck with only one copy of a special energy card that can be sabotaged.

All ACE SPECs from this set, apart from Neo Upper Energy TEF 162, are excellent, considering:

1) Master Ball TEF 153 will be useful in Lugia-VStar decks, as I suggested in this listlink outside website.

2) Maximum Belt TEF 154 will give you an extra 50 damage, and thus will help you knock out more Pokémon.

3) Hero's Cape TEF 152 will be useful in decks with strategies that focus on durability and "tanking", such as control Snorlax.link outside website

4) Reboot Pod TEF 158 will be useful for Future decks.

5) Awakening Drum TEF 141 will be useful for Ancient decks.

Special Energy Card

Mist Energy Card

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This special energy card will be excellent against Giratina VSTAR LOR 131 decks because of its attack, VSTAR Requiem, which has an "instant K.O." effect.


Furthermore, this card will disable any type of effect on your opponent's attacks, such as special statuses. It will stand out in decks that use Lugia VSTAR SIT 139 and Archeops PR-SW SWSH272 as part of their summon + energy card combo, as I showcased in this articlelink outside website.

Final Words

What did you think of this list? Which cards from the new set will be more popular? Tell us your thoughts!

See you next time!