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The "Colorless Dragon Grass Psychic Water" deck in Standard format of Pokemon TCG be an interesting mix of energy types and Pokemon. Here's a breakdown of the strategy, good points, and bad points of this deck: **Strategy:** - The deck have a combination of different energy types, which can offer flexibility in terms of attacking options. - Cards like Nest Ball, Ultra Ball, and Pokégear 3.0 can help you search for the necessary Pokemon quickly. - Giratina V and Giratina VSTAR are strong Psychic types that can deal good damage to your opponent's Pokemon. - Banette and Banette ex have abilities that can disrupt your opponent's strategy. - Cards like Switch, Super Rod, and Buddy-Buddy Poffin can help you manipulate the game in your favor. **Good Points:** - The deck has a versatile energy lineup, allowing you to adapt to different situations. - Giratina V and Giratina VSTAR can be powerful attackers against specific weaknesses. - Cards like Colress's Experiment and Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) can give you control over the game. - The deck have some good synergy between different cards, allowing for strategic gameplay. **Bad Points:** - The deck might lack consistency due to the variety of energy types and Pokemon included. - Some cards like Cramorant and Radiant Greninja may not have strong synergy with the rest of the deck. - The reliance on specific Pokemon for certain strategies could make the deck vulnerable if those Pokemon are knocked out early. Overall, the "Colorless Dragon Grass Psychic Water" deck has the potential to be a creative and versatile option in the Standard format, but careful planning and strategic play will be essential to make the most of its strengths and overcome its weaknesses.

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