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Temporal Forces: Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

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Check out below the most expensive cards of the newest set released early 2024, Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces.

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As Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces has been with us since March 22nd, 2024, we now have a broad sense of the new cards' starting prices. Now, we can analyze these prices, and see which are the cheapest cards of this set, and also what are the most expensive cards.

How easy it is to get these cards, their ratings (which affect products across the world), and the language they're in can influence the prices, besides many other factors.

Let's see these cards' market value! We'll use the American dollar as a parameter for our ranking, but I stress that these aren't their final prices, as the market varies day by day.


Top 10 Most Expensive Cards from Scarlet & Violet: Temporal Forces

10 - Walking Wake ex (Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 215/162)

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We'll start our ranking with this Gold Full Art. This card's ability, Azure Seas, allows us to go through effects on the opponent's active Pokémon if we attack with it. For instance, if our opponent used an attack that has an effect like "this Pokémon is immune to enemy attacks from basic Pokémon next turn", Walking Wake ex TEF 215 will ignore this, still attack and deal damage.

Additionally, if your opponent is affected by any special statuses, it will deal 240 damage instead of 120.

Value: around US$13.

9 - Raging Bolt ex (Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 218/162)

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We have another Gold Full Art of a Paradox Johto Beast! Raging Bolt ex TEF 218 is one of the most hyped-up cards in this format - because it is a Dragon, it won't need to worry about weakness as much as other types.

Additionally, its second attack, Bellowing Thunder, allows us to discard as many energy cards as we want from our Pokémon to deal 70 damage for each energy card discarded this way, as you can see in this listlink outside website.

Value: around US$14.20.

8 - Iron Leaves ex (Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 213/162)

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This Pokémon is the first Future Paradox Swordsman in this list in the Gold Full Art rarity. Its ability, Rapid Vernier, is useful for the Grass archetype; if you move this Pokémon from your hand to your bench, you'll be able to move all Grass energy cards attached to your Pokémon to Iron Leaves ex TEF 213, and like so use its attack, Prism Edge.

Value: around US$15.

7 - Maximum Belt (ACE SPEC Card - 154/162)

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We have the first ACE SPEC card in this list! Maximum Belt gives an extra 100 HP to a Pokémon of your choice.

We can use it in decks with Charizard ex sv4pt5 54, Wigglytuff ex sv3pt5 40, and even Regieleki VMAX SIT 58.

Value: around US$17.

6 - Iron Crown ex (Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 216/162)

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This is the best Paradox Pokémon among the Swords of Justice! Its ability, Cobalt Command, increases the damage dealt by your Future Pokémon in general, and we can use it with Future Booster Energy Capsule TEF 149, which adds another 20 damage.

The best part is its attack, Twin Shotels, which deals 50 damage to two of your opponent's Pokémon and goes through weakness, resistance, and any effect or ability on their Pokémon.

Value: around US$18.

5 - Prime Catcher (ACE SPEC Card - 157/162)

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This is one of the most coveted cards in the metagame. This ACE SPEC card has the same effect as Guzma BUS 115: it forces your opponent to swap one of their benched Pokémon into the active position, and, next, you'll swap one of your benched Pokémon into the active position.


The best thing about it is that it is an item, unlike its predecessor (Guzma BUS 115), which is a Supporter, and, therefore, more limited.

Value: around US$28.

4 - Walking Wake ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 205/162)

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This is the same card in our tenth spot, but in its secret art version, created by Teeziro, who frequently creates illustrations for Pokémon. He was responsible for artworks like Celebi V FST 245 and Umbreon V EVS 189.

Value: around US$35.

3 - Gouging Fire ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 204/162)

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In our third place, also in its secret art version, Teeziro returns with Entei's Paradox version, Gouging Fire ex TEF 204.

Its second attack, Blaze Blitz, will prevent you from attacking if this Pokémon remains in the active position. So, your strategy will be retreating this Pokémon from the active position to the bench and then returning it to the active position to attack again and again, with cards like Switch sv1 194 or Switch Cart ASR 154.

Value: around US$38.

2 - Morty's Conviction (Secret Illustration Rare - 211/162)

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In our second place, we have the nostalgic Morty, gym leader from Johto. He is a favorite among players who like Heart/Gold/Silver, much because of its Gengar.

Besides this, Megumi Mizutani's artwork is incredible.

Value: around US$40.

1 - Raging Bolt ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 208/162)

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And, in our first place, we once again have Teeziro, which dominated this article and put all three Paradox beasts in our list. In this case, we have Raging Bolt ex TEF 208 in its secret art version.

Its ability is the same as our ninth place.

Value: around US$55.

Honorable Mentions

Gastly (Illustration Rare - 177/162)

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This card is the fourth artwork by Mouzo, the artist. He started out with Drowzee sv3pt5 96 and Hypno sv3pt5 97 in the Scarlet & Violet: 151 set.

The greatest thing about this artwork is the fact it is an illustration of a parade of Ghost Pokémon in the city, with many Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar in the streets, while a Meowth hides behind a box, completely terrified.

Value: around US$19.

Gengar ex (Full Art - 193/162)

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And, of course, this set's Gengar conquered a spot in our list because of how many fans enjoy this nostalgic Pokémon. It was one of the first of the 151 initial Pokémon in this franchise, and also one of the first Ghost Pokémon.

Value: around US$20.

Final Words

What did you think of our list? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!