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Paldea Evolved: Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

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See the list of the 10 most expensive cards of the Paldea Evolved expansion, the second expansion of the Scarlet & Violet block!

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With the launch of Scarlet & Violet: Paldea Evolvedlink outside website, since 06/09/2023, there has already been a generous number of weeks to terms an estimate of card prices to invest.

We will apply here the market value using the dollar as a parameter of them and their placements in the ranking, but it is worth mentioning that it is not a final price hammer, since, like every market, it fluctuates.

Top 10 most expensive Paldea Evolved cards

10 – Super Rod (Gold Full Art - 276/193)


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Being a reprint of a card that already existed since the Black & White era, where it had its debut in the expansion Noble Victories and then reappeared in the Dragon Vault, and now, after more than a decade, it is Here is its first impression of Gold Art.

Its effect causes you to cycle three cards from the discard pile to your deck, in the combination of Pokémon and Energy, as long as you keep that total of three cards.

This card currently costs around US$17

9 – Chien-Pao ex (Gold Full Art - 274/193)

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One of the favorites of the current generation as one of the main attackers of the aquatic archetype, it has combos with Baxcalibur from the same set and even has game predictions with Blastoise ex (from the Pokémon Card 151link outside website). Also, while Origin Forme Palkia-VStar is in the rotation, it also appears in many decks.

Its ability Shivery Chill makes it look for two basic Water Energy from your deck, if it's the active Pokémon - which is almost the same effect as the Capacious Bucket RCL 156 built into the Pokémon.

The attack Hail Blade (W)(W) does 60 times damage for each Water Energy discarded from your hand this way, to fulfill the effect of the attack.

It costs around US$19.

8 – Boss's Orders - Ghetsis (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 265/193)

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Here, finally, we have the appearance of one of the best Pokémon villains in his version of Boss's Orders to maintain the rotation of the card with the letter G in Standard format.

This art was made by the great hncl, also known as Hungry Clicker, the same responsible person who made the promotional art of the card that comes in the ETB of Sword/Shield: Crown Zenith, the Lucario VSTAR PR-SW SWSH291. You can see information about hncl by clicking herelink outside website.

Its effect is simple, like all Boss's Orders: Pull an opponent's Benched Pokémon into Active Position.

The letter costs around US$22.

7 – Grusha (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 268/193)

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Grusha has a decent “draw power” effect, where you draw cards until you have 5 in hand; however, if your Pokémon doesn't have any Energy in play, instead of drawing until you have 5 cards, you draw until you have 7 cards in hand.

It currently costs around US$26.

6 – Dendra (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 266/193)

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Dendra has a simple “bargain” effect with “draw power”, that is, you exchange a card from your hand to the deck and draw cards. More precisely: you put a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck, then draw until you have 5 cards in your hand (don't use this card if you don't have at least one card in your hand to make the first requested tribute).

It costs around US$27.

5 – Tyranitar (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 222/193)

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With one of the most promising versions of Tyranitar ever made in recent times, this card has tremendous potential for destructive attacks, with its Rout attacks that deals 30 + 30 damage for each Pokémon on your opponent's Bench - being so 150 damage as a sum plus 30 base, totaling 180 damage for just one energy!

And then there's its second attack, Dread Mountain, which deals 230 damage, but with the setback of discarding 4 cards from the top of your deck (which is irrelevant if we're going to count that damage gross of 230 points for two measly energies!)

It currently costs around US$33.50.

4 – Chien-Pao ex (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 261/193)

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Again, Chien-Pao ex enters the podium occupying this position, but due to its rarity as a secret art.

Its current price tag is around US$40.

3 – Iono (Full Art - 254/193)

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Here, without a doubt, is one of the most broken cards in the format in terms of hand control for the Standard format in the current rotation. Furthermore, Iono will also likely be durable and heavily used in the Expanded format; because this card is precisely a fusion of the effects of N FCO 105a with Marnie SSH 200.

It currently costs around US$58.

2 – Magikarp (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 203/193)

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Its position here is obvious by 3 factors:

1) nostalgia for being a Pokémon from Kanto due to the history of this Pokémon within the franchise and also for its mythology, of “carp that wanted to become a dragon”;

2) due to being a secret art card, which are always valued;

3) and concluding, perhaps by hypothesis, due to the responsible illustrator of this art, Shinji Kanda, the same one who made the art of Giratina V LOR 186, with a more psychedelic atmosphere.

It costs around US$65.

1 – Iono (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 269/193)

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And to close the highlight position with the golden key, not being a surprise to Iono to be here, in addition to his competitive side due to the effect of the card, mentioned above.


Also, as it is a Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare, the price ends up being high. Added to this, we have the appreciation of female characters being portrayed in cards, culturally.

This version costs around US$155.

Honorable Mention

Baxcalibur (Secret Art Rare/Special Illustration Rare - 210/193)

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Here we have one of the cards that will be the main power-up engine for Pokémon of the aquatic archetype in Standard format, thanks to its Super Cold ability, which is based on the same principles as Blastoise BCR 31 from the Black & White era: Boundaries Crossed.


What did you think of the list? Did it serve to accompany new cards to invest? Comment your opinion below.

See you next time.