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Crown Zenith: Top 10 Most Valuable Cards

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Check out the expansion's most valuable cards for competitive and collecting investment, plus some special considerations.

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With a few days gone by since the worldwide launch of Crown Zenithlink outside website, the market has heated up with cards that have already determined values.

We will apply here the market value using the dollar as a parameter of them and their placements in the ranking, but it is worth mentioning that it is not the final price hammer, since, like every market, prices fluctuate daily.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cards from Sword/Shield: Crown Zenith

10 - Entei V and Raikou V (Trainer Gallery - GG36/GG70) and (Trainer Gallery - GG41/GG70)


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Here, with the legendary beasts or legendary dogs, we open the podium in tenth place. Of the trio, Entei V is the weakest in the Metagame, but with the beauty that the three have on the cards, with the nostalgia factor (in the same way as the birds of Kanto), it is not very difficult for them to be framed in this classification or notoriety.

Despite this, even though Raikou V has been playing more lately than Suicune V, he is one of the cheapest on the list. Entei and Raikou are at an average of $27 dollars.

9 - Leafeon VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG35/GG70)

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Here there is a wealth of details in the art where the illustrator Jiro Sasumo took great care in the botany, we can notice the diversity of the green. In addition to being none other than the 2020 champion in the Pokémon Company's illustration competition, with the Charizard card (also called Charizard Grand Prix), he has become a recurring illustrator for the company for a few years now. , marking notoriety.

The card costs an average of $35.

8 - Glaceon VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG40/GG70)

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This one also comes under the same care that Leafeon received for the issue of scenery, where Glaceon, in its habitat, gained great prominence, made by the care of Gemi.

It costs an average of $37.

7 - Suicune V (Trainer Gallery - GG38/GG70)

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As we said in the first topic of the positions, this legendary beast from the Johto trio became more evident due to the nostalgia factor, being associated with Pokémon Crystal (which marked generations on the Game Boy Color) and also due to the issue of the beauty of the Pokémon, chosen by the great most as the most beautiful of the three.

The art also favors a lot because, the Entei V CRZ GG36 made by Shigenori Negishi is not excellent because it sins a lot in the proportion of the Pokémon and the lack of a good perspective, the use of scenarios to better frame the proportion of the observer's line with the figure/Pokémon and in the inserted environment. What came closest to beauty (both aesthetics and the rules of proportion in a technical drawing) was the Raikou V CRZ GG41 made by nagimiso, but with a simple and objective use of perspective and a vanishing point to convey the message of speed.

Even with all the qualities of Raikou V, the Suicune V CRZ GG38 gained thanks to the use of Suicune's three-dimensionality, that is, you can observe the proportion in a correct scale of its body, which in the hind legs has a slight decrease with the front part of this, which leans diagonally upwards looking at the heavens, showing more proximity to the observer's view.

In addition, the use of the blue color palette and the game of using the sky at dusk with the passing of the stars, leaves the card with a forceful weight of attraction and aesthetic construction, not taking away its merit deserved by the illustrator Atsushi Furusawa, who made wonderful art like the promo card for Legends of Arceus with the Arceus V PR-SW SWSH204 and also with the Dragonite V EVS 192 from Evolving Skieslink outside website, showing how much he has mastery over scenarios and perspective immersion.


Its price tag averages at $38.50.

6 - Pikachu (Secret Art - 160/159)

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The only card from the base expansion that is in the top 10. We have two things: Pikachu as a highly collectible card for being one of the most famous in the franchise (above Charizard with ease) and for the art, which in addition to being secret, involves some Pokémon that marked this generation in the Sword/Shield block such as Inteleon, Zacian, Hisuian Zoroark, Crobat, Urshifu, Shadow Rider Calyrex, which, curiously, were cards that played well or were essential at some point in these almost 5 years of block.

We have the great illustrator You Iribi who has been drawing cards since the X/Y era, who even made Karen PR-XY XY177, in addition to having already illustrated many Eeveelutions, and especially in this block of Sword/Shield, he made Flareon PR-SW SWSH041, released in the Triple Pack products of Darkness Ablazelink outside website.

5 - Origin Forme Palkia VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG67/GG70)

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We reached the halfway point of the podium, already kicking in the doors with this beautiful art that is practically what the Crown Zenith collection represents: the mosaic of the Sinnoh gods.

With the representation of the Pokémon that controls space, Origin Forme Palkia VStar plays very well in the format with combinations with Ice Rider Calyrex VMax, in addition to Kyurem VMax itself.

And with part of this mosaic, assembling the gods, we will unravel little by little about their meanings in the part of Arceus and Giratina.

The card costs an average of $67 dollars.

4 - Origin Forme Dialga VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG68/GG70)

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And still in fourth place, with the best arts of Crown Zenith with the mosaic of the gods of Sinnoh, we have the representative who controls time, Origin Forme Dialga-VStar, obviously from Akira Egawa.

He briefly played in the “Dialga-VStar Turbo” mode in the metagame as a dynamic and explosive way of accelerating metallic energies to deal damage twice in the same turn with his VStar power, but it was a double-edged sword as could hit the fastest possible combo or freeze in some moments, not gaining enough strength in the Standard format, however, in the Expanded format, it is a destruction machine for having Pokémon that more accurately accelerate the acceleration of energy than it need even turn 1 or turn 2 to develop your game.

It costs an average of $70.

3 - Arceus VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG70/GG70)

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One of the most important cards in the block for accelerating Pokémon V's energy to use basic energy, very present at Duraludon VMAX CRZ 104 and Flying Pikachu VMAX CEL 7, not to mention his ability VStar, the Star Birth.

Known as the “Pokémon God”, he is basically the omnipotence represented in the franchise.

The arts of Akira Egawa are dazzling and breathtaking, almost a painting in the Baroque style, where in the History of Art, there is an allusion to the divine and its supremacy over mortals and certain connections, showing the magnificence and majesty, practically showing the far-fetched and detailed traits, which rescue the concept of religiosity inserted in the Gothic period, but reformulated with the improvement of techniques of depth of perspective and proportion that the Renaissance brought.


Egawa, for the layman, can go unnoticed and be easily confused with the current Mitsuhiro Arita, due to the great abilities that both have.

The card is on average $100.

2 - Mewtwo VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG44/GG70)

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With an art closer to games and anime, this Mewtwo had more appeal due to nostalgia and the question of dynamism: the card talks with Charizard in the skies in an epic battle where the arts complement each other. This influenced many for such genius.

The card's price averages at $120.50.

1 - Giratina VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG69/GG70)

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Giratina VStar marked the block as one of Lost Originlink outside website's powerful attackers, using the Lost Zone mechanic to give “Instant K.O.” on opponents with its VStar attack Lost Requiem (not coincidentally, Requiem is a chant for the dead type), and for its massive 280 damage per three energies (being great in the format!) and also for being the type dragon, which has no weakness in this block!

Representing anti-matter and the Reverse World, Giratina gained a fan attraction precisely for its essence and lore: pure evil. In the story, Giratina was a violent dragon that caused Arceus to take drastic measures to prevent further destruction on its part, banishing it to this Reverse World, where time and space do not apply there, and Giratina ensures a balance between Palkia and Dialga do not face the shocks of their powers.

But what enters here is the symbolism of Giratina, being practically a representation or allusion to Lucifer himself, the angel who rebelled against God and condemned to live on Earth in the expulsion from heaven and take 1/3 of the angels.

And curiously, with the dragon/ghost typing, Lucifer is also referred to as “The Great Serpent” or “The Great Dragon” that permeates a plane that we humans could not see with their eyes, according to Christianity, which is very peculiar with its second typing, ghost. There are questions from Lores that indicate that ghost Pokémon come from this Reverse World plane and that Giratina may be the creator of this typing.

He also emphasizes the dramatic nature of Baroque art:

Image content of the Website

The card's average price is $155.

Special considerations

1 - Cynthia’s Ambition (Trainer Gallery - GG60/GG70)

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We enter into considerations with the illustrious Cynthia, champion of Sinnoh and one of the most beloved women in the franchise. She was the terror of the fourth generation with the battle challenge against the champion, after passing the Elite Four of Sinnoh, where she traumatized many with her strong team (see Garchomp), in terms of competitiveness.

And as a card, she's always welcome to have in your collection!

Its price tag averages at $19.95.

2 - Radiant Charizard (Crown Zenith - 020/159)

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Charizard could not miss this version with the art of the famous Kouki Saitou who has been working for Pokémon for years, since the Aquapolis and Skyridge era, not forgetting the iconic Charizard SK 146, as one of his first arts.


It costs an average of $25.

3 - Darkrai VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG50/GG70)

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Darkrai's card has the highlight of the backdrop that seems to have been traced in chalk, which gave the card a lot of prominence, a characteristic that is the signature of Pani Kobayashi in his works.

Despite having a lot of hype during its release in Astral Radiancelink outside website, it wasn't strong for the Metagame, needing a lot of energy to deal significant damage, at least 9 dark energies to cause 270 damage, staying here as a collectible card for this Pokémon representative of Nightmares and creation of Giratina.

Its current price is $28.57.

4 - Hisuian Zoroark VStar (Trainer Gallery - GG56/GG70)

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A beautiful card with this ink effect spread around the scenery, the so-called “Ink Splash”, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and could be in the top 10 easily, but it did not manage to overcome the Pokémon above, such as Mewtwo or the trio of legendary beasts.

In the competitive world, he had a small shine in his debut, but it was quickly overshadowed. It's still a potent Pokémon because it does 300 damage for just two Energy, and in Expanded form, it's a formidable Pokémon to discard strategies with Gengar from Sword/Shield: Lost Origin using Battle Compress.

It costs an average of $29.50.


What did you think of the list? Do you disagree with the placements? Comment here below your opinion and personal list!

See you next time.