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Pokémon TCG: Top 10 Most Valuable Shiny cards in history

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Here are 10 most valuable Shiny Pokémon cards so far in 2022, since the beginnings of Pokémon expansions.

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, bringing more knowledge and information about the world of Pokémon TCG.

As we said in the previous article about Top 10 Full Art Cards from the Sword/Shield Blocklink outside website Regarding prices, there was a proposal to discuss something macro: the top prices of Shiny Pokémon cards in the entire game — that is, encompassing the entire Pokémon TCG in their early release to the most recent ones.


So let's go to them:

The 10 Highest Investment Shiny Cards possible

10th) Charizard (Plasma Storm - 136/135)

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One of the secret cards of the Black/White block, from the Plasma Storm expansion, the eighth expansion of that era.

There is also the factor that in the first wave of prints of the card, there was a "misprint" in its second attack, Scorching Flame, which instead of asking for one fire energy and four colorless energies, in this first printing there was the requirement of a fighting energy instead of a fire energy.

At its launch in 2012, it was a relatively cheap card, however, with the increase in demand, the price of Charizards rose, and it suffered the same. Currently, in dollar terms, it is averaging on a $575 price tag.

Its first attack, Split Bomb, for one fire energy and two colorless ones, does 40 damage to two of your opponent's Pokémon (opponent's Benched Weakness or Resistance does not apply).

And its second attack, Scorching Flame, for one fire energy and four colorless energies, deals 150 base damage, discarding one fire energy in the process.

9th) Mewtwo Star (Holon Phantoms - 103/110)

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Coming from the Ruby/Sapphire era, the Holon Phantoms expansion brought a change in the typing of some Pokémon, coming as a signature in that expansion, as well as Delta Species (which we will also cover in this article). But in the case of this Mewtwo, it retains the Psychic type.

Also with nostalgia for Kanto as one of the first legendaries that emerged, this Mew gains a strong appeal for these factors, in addition to the Star rarity, predominant in the block, where you could only have one Star card in your deck. Its price averages on $590.

Its first attack, Energy Absorption, for a colorless energy, seeks any energy from the discard pile and attaches it to Mewtwo Star.

Its second attack, Psychic Star, for one fire, one electric, and one psychic energy, does 50 damage + 50 damage if it chooses to pay this tribute if the opponent is an evolved Pokémon and still discards all those energies attached to Mewtwo Star.

8th) Shining Steelix (Neo Destiny - 112/105)

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Within the second Shiny expansion where they were featured, with the first Shiny Pokémon in the TCG in the Johto era with Neo's block cards, it is present on the list. Its average price in dollars is around $600. The rule of these Shining Pokémon is that there could only be one of these in the deck.

Its only attack, Crushing Earth, for two fighting energies and two metallic energies, you flip the coin: if heads, it does 80 base damage and 10 damage to all Benched Pokémon in the game (both your opponent's as); but if tails, the attack has no effect.

7th) Mudkip Star (107/109), Torchic Star (108/109) and Treecko Star (109/109) (Team Rocket's Returns)

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Here comes the Hoenn trio that were beloved cards at the time of the Ruby / Sapphire phase, within the Team Rocket's Returns expansion (one of my favorites by the way, losing to Unseen Forces), where they were practically the first Star released in history. The average price for each is around $600 USD.


For Mudkip's attacks:

1) Whirlpool: For one water energy, flip a coin. If heads, discard a energy attached to the opponent's Pokémon.

2 Spring Back: For two water energies, this attack does 20 damage, but if your opponent has a prize card left to win the game, it does 50 more damages and your opponent's Pokémon is also Asleep.

For Torchic's attacks:

1) Fireworks: for a fire energy, you deal 20 damage and flip a coin, and if tails, discard an energy linked to Torchic.

2) Spring Back: for two fire energies, you deal 20 damage, but if your opponent has a prize card left to win the game, he does 50 more damage and the opponent's Pokémon is confused.

For Treecko's attacks:

1) Tackle : for a colorless energy, you deal 10 damage.

2) Spring Back: for two grass energies, you deal 20 damage, but if your opponent has a prize card left to win the game, it does 50 more damage and the opponent's Pokémon is poisoned.

6th) Espeon Star (Pop Series 5 - 16/17)

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Along with its partner Umbreon Star (which will be on this list), it is one of the most coveted cards within this collection, the so-called “Pop Series”.

These boosters were given away as bonus prizes in official Pokémon tournaments in the years from the Ruby/Sapphire to Diamond/Pearl block era, and both Espeon and Umbreon are the only "Star" rated cards present in that set, always being an expensive card and high investment. Its estimated price is around $750.

It has its ability (formerly called Poké-Power) Purple Ray, where you can play Espeon Star from your hand to the Bench and if you do, both your active Pokémon (yours and your opponent) will have the confused status.

And its only attack, Psychic Boom, does 30 damage plus 10 for each Energy attached to the opponent's Active Pokémon.

5th) Mew Star (Dragon Frontiers - 101/101)

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Still within the Ruby/Sapphire block, the Dragon Frontiers expansion fits the same precepts of the expansions of Delta Species, Holon Phantom, and others, where the Pokémon typing are changed, and this Mew is a good example on the list because usually as a psychic type in the TCG, and here the water type wins, showing a bit of the history of what the TCG was at that time.

In addition to being a nostalgic Pokémon like Mewtwo, with the appeal of the Kanto region, it has always been very expensive since the time of its release not only for that but also because it was a great card that played in competitive. Its current average value is around $800.

Its first attack, Mimicry, for a colorless energy, Mew could copy any attack from any Pokémon in play, but it needed to have the energy needed to fulfill that attack's requirement.

Its second attack, Rainbow Wave, for a Water Energy, does 20 damage for each opponent's Pokémon that has the same Energy Type you chose (don't apply Weakness and Resistance to your opponent's Bench).

4th) Shining Gyarados (Neo Revelation - 65/64)

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The first Neo expansion that revealed Shiny Pokémon in the TCG in general (as well as Neo Discovery) and within the Johto generation along with Shining Magikarp N3 66, Gyarados now enters this podium for two reasons:

1) Nostalgia for the famous ''Red Gyarados'' from GBC games that bring back childhood memories, in the same way as in the anime they brought this memorial appeal;

2) Thanks to the Celebrationslink outside website, where there was a reprint of the card Shining Magikarp N3 66, but with the version Shining Magikarp CEL 66, which made many collectors look at it again with more attention.

Its current average price is around $900.

Its first attack, Outrage, for one water energy and two fighting energies, you flip a coin and hitting heads, it does 30 damage plus 10 damage that Gyarados has. If tails, this attack has no effect.

Its second attack, Devastate, for two water energies and two fire energies, deals 50 damage and needs to discard two fire energies for the cost (if you don't comply, this attack will have no effect). So if you do, it does 50 damage and 10 damage to your opponent's Bench. And then, you flip a coin and if heads, you can discard one energy from each opponent's Pokémon.

3rd) Shining Mewtwo (Neo Destiny - 109/105)

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Going in for the nostalgia factor and attachment to Pokémon as one of the most beloved legendaries, it wouldn't be out of this podium. Its average price is $1,100 dollars.

Its first attack, Reflect Shield, for psychic energy and electric energy, if an attack damages Shining Mewtwo during your opponent's next turn (even if Shining Mewtwo is KO'd), flip a coin. If heads, prevent all damage dealt to Shining Mewtwo by this attack (any other effects from attacks still happen) and deal 20 damage to the attacking Pokémon.

And its second attack, Psyburst, for two psychic energies and one fire, discard a fire energy card attached to Shining Mewtwo or this attack will do nothing. This attack does 40 damage plus 10 damage for each Energy attached to the defending Pokémon (that is, the opponent's Active Pokémon).

2nd) Shining Charizard (Neo Destiny - 107/105)

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It wouldn't surprise anyone to be on the podium as one of the top 3 (but incredibly not being the most expensive of the Shiny). This Charizard is here for precisely these reasons:

- Digital influencers;

- Nostalgia due to anime and games, associated with Red and Ash;

- Pokémon design, very pleasing with its cool design.

Its average price is around $1,500.

Its only attack, White-hot Flame, for three fire energies and two electric ones, does 100 damage, but to pay tribute, it needs to discard one fire energy and one electric energy; otherwise it won't be able to use this attack. And if you do these tributes, you'll still need to flip the coin, and if tails, Shining Charizard does 30 damage to itself.

1st) Umbreon Star (Pop Series 5 - 17/17)

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A very first place since its appearance in the special Pop Series 5 booster packs, just like its partner Espeon, Umbreon has been extremely coveted for years in TCG collectors, as well as being one of Johto's most beloved Eeveelutions. So important in its history that even in the current block of Sword/Shield, in the last special set that passed, in Celebrations, he got his card as a reprint (Umbreon ★ CEL 17).

Its estimated value is around $1,800.

Its ability (Poké-Power), Dark Ray, you activate this ability if you play Umbreon Star from your hand to your Bench, and if you do, you choose a random card in your opponent's hand without looking and make them discard it.

And its only attack, Feint Attack, for two dark energies, does 30 damage to one of the opponent's Pokémon ignoring any effects (whether weakness, resistance, Poké-Body, Poké-Power), among others.


They are cards of high standard and value, and it is very difficult to get some of them, but for those who have greater financial power and want to collect cards, you might actually want to add these to your collection.

Looking at them and their reasons, it is possible to see a little about the history of the game itself and the affection of the fans.

That's all for today, until next time!