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Pokémon TCG: Top 10 Best Vaporeon of All Time

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We listed the top 10 Vaporeon of all time in Pokémon TCG, both competitively and in Expanded. Check it out!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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In this article, we'll show you the top 10 strongest and most interesting eeveelutions in Pokémon TCG - considering cards ever since the Wizards of the Coast era to today. Today, it's Vaporeon's turn.

Top 10 Best Vaporeon

10 - Vaporeon (Sun/Moon: Cosmic Eclipse)

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The "baby" Kanto evolution lines in Sun & Moon came as support cards, and each version had a different goal. This card's ability, Vitality Cheer, increases the HP of your eeveelutions, and of their GX evolutions in general, and gives them an extra 60 HP.


We have several cards that take advantage of this:

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9 - Vaporeon (Sword/Shield: Vivid Voltage)

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Its ability is what stands out because it interacts with Memory Capsule VIV 202. This card states that, "if it is attached to a Pokémon, it will be able to use attacks from its previous versions" (this means its previous evolutions and basic form).

However, we don't want to copy attacks, but instead activate the ability in its evolution form, which states that, if Vaporeon VIV 30 has the tool above equipped, it will disable all abilities from Fire Pokémon in play.

Strong Fire Pokémon that can be sabotaged this way are Charizard PGO 10, Emboar BLW 20, Magcargo CES 24, Blaziken DRM 6, Chandelure PLF 16 and Chandelure RCL 33.

8 - Vaporeon (X/Y: Ancient Origins)

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In this set, the classic eeveelution trio had abilities that changed the types of your Pokémon. Vaporeon AOR 22's ability, Aqua Effect, gave all of your stage 1 Pokémon the Water type as a secondary type. This would allow us to interact with several "baby" stage 1 cards, Pokémon GX, and ex cards in Scarlet & Violet in Expanded.

Keep in mind that Pokémon V, in their VStar and VMax forms, aren't considered stage 1 Pokémon, so, this ability doesn't apply to them.

7 - Vaporeon (Wizards of the Coast: e-Card Series: Skyridge)

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Once again, the entire Kanto eeveelution trio had similar mechanics in this set. Their abilities would allow us, by attaching one energy card from our hand that matches our archetype (in Vaporeon SK H31's case, a Basic Water Energy sv2 279), to remove all special conditions from Vaporeon. This is incredibly strong in Expanded.

Its attack, Aqua Trick, is also interesting: at any moment during your attack, if the enemy active Pokémon has at least one energy card attached, you toss a coin. If it's heads, you can move this energy card to one of your opponent's benched Pokémon.

In some way, it "sabotages" and controls your opponent because it makes it harder for them to set up energy cards on their Pokémon.

6 - Vaporeon (Diamond/Pearl: Majesty Dawn)

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If Vaporeon MD 34 were valid in Expanded, it would be incredibly interesting.

Its attack, Hyper Whirlpool, simply asks you to toss coins until you hit tails. For each "heads" you get, discard an energy card attached to the opponent's active Pokémon.

5 - Vaporeon ex (Ruby/Sapphire: Delta Species)

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This Pokémon stood out a lot as one of the eeveelutions in Worlds 2006's winning decklink outside website. So, we gave it our fifth spot because of its achievements and also because of how many strong roles it had in the format back then - its ability, first attack, and second attack, were all very interesting.


4 - Vaporeon (Sword/Shield: Promo Card)

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This was one of the few great promotional cards of eeveelutions in the Sword/Shield block. Its ability, Watery Shroud, would guarantee some defense to Vaporeon PR-SW SWSH072 against enemy sniper attacks, or another Pokémon in your deck that dealt damage to your benched allies.

However, this is the fun of it: its attack, Hydro Pump, deals 60 + 20 damage for each Water energy card attached to it. With Baxcalibur PR-SV 19, it is easy to attach energy cards to this Pokémon, and move, for instance, some Basic Water Energy sv2 279 from your hand to it.

Considering that, with at least 8 Water energy cards, we have 160 damage guaranteed, and, with the 60 base damage, you'll deal 220 damage with Vaporeon PR-SW SWSH072!

3 - Vaporeon (Scarlet/Violet: 151)

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This Pokémon is almost a "reprint" of its predecessor, Vaporeon PLF 20, from the Black/White: Plasma Freeze block.

It returned in set 151, only more powerful, considering it has an attack that deals 90 + 90 damage. If it is equipped with a Supereffective Glasses ASR 152, you'll triple this value, and deal 540 damage.

And the best thing about all of this? This card is available in 2024 Standard, just like the tool listed above.

2 - Vaporeon-GX (Sun/Moon: Promo Card)

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This evolution in particular acts like a healing Pokémon, considering its ability, Hydrating Drops, allows us to heal 30 damage from one of our active Pokémon that is a Water type.

As for its GX attack, Cure Shower, it allows us to heal all our Water Pokémon in play.

It's worth keeping in mind that GX attacks can't be used in the same game more than one time, but there is one card that breaks this rule: Misty & Lorelei CEC 199.

There are several cards that can boost the healing done by your Water Pokémon, such as Rough Seas PRC 137, Lana BUS 117, Mallow & Lana CEC 198, and many others; not to mention we can increase Vaporeon-GX's total health with Vaporeon CEC 42.

1 - Vaporeon VMax (Sword/Shield: Evolution Skies )

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Vaporeon VMAX EVS 30, which has two extremely strong attacks, besides allowing us to get any Water Pokémon from the discard pile and place it on our bench, also attaches three Basic Water Energy sv2 279 to that Pokémon. This allows us to set up strategies that use heavy Pokémon, such as Blastoise VMAX PR-SW SWSH103 or Blastoise ex sv3pt5 9.

Its second attack, Max Torrent, is quite simple, considering that, if your opponent has any damage counters, Vaporeon VMAX EVS 30 will deal 100 +100 damage. You can even combine this strategy with Inteleon VMAX FST 79 or with Radiant Blastoise PGO 18.

Final Words

What did you think of this list? What would be your list of the best Vaporeon cards of all time? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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