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Pokémon GO TCG: Top 10 Most Valuable Cards

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In this article, you will see the 10 most valuable cards from Pokémon GO TCG so that you are familiar with the new release.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Hello everybody. I'm Rodrigo, bringing more information about the world of Pokémon TCG, now with possible more concrete analysis in this recent release of the special collection of Pokémon GO TCG.

In case you didn't see my first post about the expansion in general, made in June, weeks before the western release and the day before the Japanese week, I brought the translation of all the cards, so you could follow the news first hand, Click herelink outside website to see the whole list.


It is worth remembering that I will consider this list based on the western release. And if you need Pokemon Go help, go here for free Pokemon GO coinslink outside website.

10th) Lure Module (Gold Full Art) (GO TCG - 88/88)

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We opened the podium with golden secret cards (which is not much of a surprise, as they are always coveted by collectors who like Trainer cards of this rarity).

Lure Module is very interesting, being able to look at the top three cards of your deck, as well as your opponent, to look for any Pokémon that are on those three cards (no matter if they are basic, evolutions or part of a VUnion), just to take those Pokémon and put them in your hand and, in sequence, the other cards that are not Pokémon, you return to the deck, without suffering any harmful effects such as discards or something similar.

With cards that can manipulate the top of the deck to speed up this resource, it becomes a powerful card to create a small filter with this combo in the Standard format, and going further, countless possibilities mainly in the Expanded format, where this card can see a lot of play, as it has more card options with filters and topdeck manipulation, such as Pokédex EVO 82 or PokéNav CES 140 that can combo with it.

9th) Egg Incubator (Gold Full Art) (GO TCG - 87/88)

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This card is a great resource for searching and filtering basic Pokémon in the deck without having some “damage” setback with discarding something, like Quick Ball SSH 179.

The Egg Incubator flips the coin to hit "heads" looking for this basic Pokémon, and if it gives "tails", instead of discarding it, you return this card to the bottom of your deck, thus ensuring a recycling system and still preserving the deck to avoid a “deck out”.

8th) Radiant Venusaur (GO TCG - 04/88)

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Of all the Kanto starters, in my humble opinion, it's practically one of the most powerful cards for its draw power ability, as it breaks the turn rule that "when you declare your attack on your turn play, ends your turn", without being able to do anything else. And what would this effect be? Drawing a card after attacking.

Venusaur's ability, Sunny Bloom, means that every time until the end of your turn (after attacking), you can use this perk where you can draw cards until you have 4 in your hand, which can practically change your game dynamics by having a wider range of card options for a next turn, if you have spent all your resources during the turn before the attack and your hand is less than 4 cards.

7th) Radiant Blastoise (GO TCG - 18/88)

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One of Charizard's main rivals, our turtle is on the podium. Being considered as a "Basic Pokémon" on the card itself, it can be easily slotted into the deck to be able to use its Pump Shot ability, where you discard a water energy to perform this effect, and if you do, you can put two damage counters on one of your opponent's Benched Pokémon, practically an "Inteleon CRE 43" without having to spend an entire evolutionary line to do this effect.


It can also be picked up by Scoop Up Net RCL 165, returning to your hand and creating a loop, and if you have secured the item Capacious Bucket RCL 156, where you can search for two water energy cards in your deck and put them into your hand, creating a damage system.

And thinking that there is the setback of "losing" energies with this, you can take advantage of the combo with Melony CRE 146 to attach a water energy from the discard pile to one of your Pokémon-V (either V, VMax, VUnion or VStar, never mind) in play and still drawing 3 cards.

6th) Radiant Eevee (GO TCG - Promo SWSH230)

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Beloved by many, Eevee is on the boat of collecting hype.

Despite being a card that is easily taken from the Japanese setlist as part of the expansion itself, for the West it was treated as a promotional card inside a special box.

5th) Radiant Charizard (GO TCG - 11/88)

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Not being new to many, Charizard is a highly collectible Pokémon within this world and always with high prices. This isn't something new, but since the early days of the TCG, with many stories of shiny cards like their first version in Neo Destiny Shining Charizard N4 107 they've always been kind of expensive, which were even affordable for a while, but times changed.

For reasons of influencers and even the competitive buying the product, there is an even worse domino effect with the Charizard cards, increasing in price during the 2020 pandemic, affecting collectors until now and generating certain difficulties in obtaining these cards for a fair price. As a result, this Radiant Charizard suffers from the same ailments as its other versions of the Sword/Shield block, such as the Charizard V CPA 79 and Charizard VMAX SHF SV107.

Although it has an interesting attack of 250 damage (which cannot be ignored) and even more with its ability Excited Heart , which reduces the cost of colorless energies in your attack to the prize card your opponent took, it can perhaps be essential in closing some specific and massive damage in an opponent's final turn with 1 prize card remaining, hitting for one energy only. But you can't ignore the risk of it being knocked out in the next turn, since Radiant Charizard has low health in a format where it's possible to easily deal 200 damage. It is a card that would hardly see play.

4th) Mewtwo-V (Full Art) (GO TCG - SWSH Promo 229)

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This being an exclusive American Elite Trainer Box card, which makes its price go quite high.

3rd) Mewtwo-VStar (Rainbow Full Art) (GO TCG - 79/88)

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Entering the podium of the first three places, the “star” of this expansion, the dreaded Mewtwo, could not fail to be there. In the Rainbow card rarity, and having a slightly “higher” price than the Gold Full Art version, I considered it in third place precisely because of the rarity hierarchy and because, also, Gold cards are always worth more than a Rainbow.


Its attack, Psy Purge, is nice thanks to its versatility by simple two psychic energies, and can be accelerated easily between turns or Pokémon that support it, such as Cresselia CRE 64 or Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX CRE 75, it can discard up to 3 Energy from your Pokémon, which is 90 damage for each Energy discarded in the process.

In addition, we have the VStar attack, the Star Raid, which deals sniper damage on your opponent's Bench, being 120 damage for that Pokémon if it is a V-type.

2nd) Mewtwo-VStar (Gold Full Art) (GO TCG - 86/88)

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Like its previous version, this card is in the "Gold Full Art" rarity, which further adds to its monetary value and rarity.

1st) Mewtwo-V (Alternative Art) (GO TCG - 72/88)

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And here we are at the podium finalist, in this card with alternative art with the same art styles as the mobile game, which is stunning.

Dispensing introductions, the card itself is worth a thousand words, and is by far the most expensive card in the set.

Honorable Mention

Conkeldurr-V (Alternative Art) (GO TCG - 74/88)

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Like Mewtwo V PGO 72, it has art based on the mobile game and has a certain financial value as a good investment for collectors.

In competitive, it can become a tormentor for dark-type archetypes, and in the release of cards that support the fighter type in the Astral Radiancelink outside website expansion, the odds of it seeing play in the not-so-distant future aren't that unlikely.


As the expansion came out recently, the prices are still high, and it doesn't compensate to get all the cards in the hunger by spending more than a few cards are actually "worth".

So be patient and stay tuned with market changes in the coming days.