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Standard Deck Tech: Scovillain - The Underestimated Hybrid Type Pokémon

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Check out the cheap Scovillain deck, coming from Obsidian Flames. With its double Grass & Fire type, it usually guarantees up to 220 damage, and, with the tool "Supereffective Glasses", it can reach up to 330 damage against Terastal Charizard ex and Meowscarada ex!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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As a cheap deck option in the format, and also as a more "rogue" list, we have Scovillain sv3 25. With its ability, it can become, at the same time, Grass & Fire type, and can reach up to 330 damage when using the tool Supereffective Glasses ASR 152.

It is quite interesting against strong metagame decks, such as, for instance, Charizard ex sv3 125 and Meowscarada ex PR-SV 33.

Scovillain: Hybrid Type Attacker


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Scovillain: The Main Attacker and Its Goal


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This Pokémon is quite simple. Scovillain sv3 25 only has one attack, Spicy Headbutt, to deal damage, and, hence, they'll need to use the tool Supereffective Glasses ASR 152 to triple the damage any time they can. Which means, considering that the most "common", popular card used right now is Charizard ex sv3 125, they'll take 330 damage because of its weakness to the Grass type - and, on top of it all, Scovillain sv3 25's attack isn't affected by Resistance!

As for its basic form, Capsakid, it brings two options in this list:

- If you want to play it safe, and not depend on a coin toss to deal damage, you can use Capsakid sv1 28, because the second attack, Playful Kick, has at least 50 damage guaranteed, and can even reach 150 damage if they have Supereffective Glasses ASR 152 equipped; not to mention it is easy to retreat this Pokémon.

- If you prefer to deal more devastating damage, you can use Capsakid sv3 24 as an option, which can reach 300 damage (using Supereffective Glasses ASR 152) if you manage to hit the two coins in its single attack (of course, with both coins each falling on heads, it will be 50 damage, possibly even 100). However, you have a few downsides as you depend on a coin toss to hit your attacks and this Pokémon's retreat cost isn't great, as it costs 2 energies.

Recursive Pokémon

Key Recursive Pokémon in the Deck: The Energy Setup

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With its ability, Spring Bloom, it can attach any basic Grass energy from your hand to one of your Pokémon, as long as they don't have a "Rule Box", and also Cherrim itself, as it is a stage 1 Pokémon.

Regarding its basic form; Cherubi BRS 12 has an ability that stops opponent effects - which means, if you're against one of the main Pokémon in the meta, which use damage counters to attack fast, such as Sableye LOR 70 with its Lost Mine attack, Cherubi will protect you from this type of effect.

Pokémon to Filter Your Top Deck Draws

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With its ability, Mysterious Tail, you look at the top 6 cards in your deck and grab any Item Trainer card you find there. It is also the most efficient way to get Level Ball BST 129, Nest Ball sv1 181 and Ultra Ball BRS 150 from your deck, to look for Pokémon.

I decided to add these cards as they are safe and draw other cards, and because they are more solid than Battle VIP Pass FST 225.

Draw Pokémon

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- Bidoof CRZ 111 has its ability, Carefree Countenance, which protects it from taking hits on the bench through attacks, which is very useful to gain time and evolve it to Bibarel, which is what interests us. This prevents sniper attacks from a Radiant Greninja ASR 46 in a match, for instance.

- Bibarel BRS 121 comes in with its ability, Industrious Incisors, which allows you to draw until you have five cards in hand.

As the metagame is dominated by Iono sv2 185, this won't be a problem, considering that, in this list, your focus will be on Raihan EVS 152, to set up Scovillain sv3 25's third energy, so you can attack with it. Besides that, you'll also have Judge FST 235 as an option, which can sabotage your opponent a bit. Even then, you'll always have, guaranteed, a constant source of "draw" in the game.


Pokémon to Protect your Bench against your Opponent's Sniper Pokémon

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Starting Hands

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In this simulation, start with Mew CEL 11 as the active Pokémon.

Play the two Level Ball BST 129 to filter the game; if you notice the opponent's deck has any "sniper" Pokémon, get Manaphy BRS 41 straight away. With the other ball, look for Bidoof CRZ 111, as you'll have Bibarel BRS 121 on your turn.

With that, pray that Mew CEL 11's ability gets you a Nest Ball sv1 181 or an Ultra Ball BRS 150, to filter more Pokémon and get Capsakid sv1 28 right away.

Another way to filter is:

1) Use one of the two Level Ball BST 129 to look for another Mew CEL 11.

2) Use the energy you'll play on that turn on the active Mew CEL 11 to retreat it after it has used its filter ability. Promote the second Mew CEL 11 and reactivate the new one's ability, filtering your deck even more. Afterward, use the second Level Ball BST 129 to look for Bidoof CRZ 111.

Image content of the Website

In this simulation, your game was blessed with more options and has a more solid and consistent set up:

1) Promote Mew CEL 11 to the active position.

2) Play Bidoof CRZ 111 and Capsakid sv1 28 on the bench. By using a Nest Ball sv1 181, you can get a second Capsakid sv1 28 and use Level Ball BST 129 to get Cherubi BRS 12.

3) If you think your opponent has a "sniper" attacker, use Nest Ball sv1 181 to find Manaphy BRS 41 and a Level Ball BST 129 to find Cherubi BRS 12, to guarantee at least a basic set up before Cherrim BST 8 comes into play, and start playing the energy set up on the next few turns.

Trainer Cards

Supporter to Set Up Energies to your Pokémon and Look for Pokémon in the Deck

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This is the most important Trainer because, considering your Pokémon don't have as much HP as other Pokémon, knocking them out is easy. This means this card is great to get more energies down on your Scovillain sv3 25. It asks for 3 energies and that is a bit slow, which makes it depend on Cherrim BST 8. You even have to pray you have all 3 energies in hand, so you can then use its ability, and use Raihan EVS 152 to find another Scovillain sv3 25 if you can.

But, if that doesn't happen, if you can use it on your turn, you'll be able to use the basic energy that is in your discard pile as part of Raihan EVS 152's effect action, which will help a lot.

Besides that, you'll be able to look for any other resource in the deck with this card's second effect, speeding up some pending setup or just filtering the deck better.

Supporter To Pull Enemy Pokémon

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Supporter to Sabotage Your Opponent's Hand

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Items to Search for Pokémon


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Items to Retrieve Energies from the Discard Pile

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- Energy Retrieval sv1 171 is a simple card. It is useful to get two energies, and, if you have Cherrim BST 8 in play, you'll already help Scovillain sv3 25 with its ability and set up its energies, but you'll still be missing the third energy.

In Energy Recycler BST 124's case, it is useful to get up to 5 energies from the discard pile and place them back in your deck. During the process of filtering your deck, when there are just a few cards left, you can find out exactly what you'll draw if you use Bibarel BRS 121's ability and this card. And, if you have Cherrim BST 8 in play, it can be a synchronized combo to set up energies to Scovillain sv3 25.

Item to Search Energies

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As Scovillain sv3 25 needs three energies, you'll need to filter your deck to energize Raihan EVS 152. The synergy needs to be as synchronized as possible, so you can pay the turn's energy costs. So, avoid, as much as you can, playing your energies from your hand.

If this doesn't happen, and you're still missing resources, use Cherrim BST 8's ability to set up energies; this way, your Energy Search CRZ 128 will be very useful to pay for the attack cost.

Suggestion: you can add the card Letter of Encouragement sv3 189 to this list.

Item to Recycle Pokémon and Energies

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This is one of the most fundamental cards to retrieve your Pokémon, considering that, as this deck focuses on "Single Prize" stage 1 Pokémon, your Pokémon can be knocked out more quickly.

Items to Recycle Supporters

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Its main use will be to recall Raihan EVS 152, as this card is your deck's heart and soul, and will be useful to get basic energies from the discard pile faster and look for resources.


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As your deck is essentially focused on "baby" Pokémon, with no "Rule Box", it is perfect to sabotage your opponents. The metagame is dominated by Pokémon that have abilities, such as:

- Charizard ex sv3 125;

- Pidgeot ex sv3 164;

- Gardevoir ex sv1 86;

- Zacian V CEL 16;

- Arceus VSTAR PR-SW SWSH307.


In its essence, it is a deck focused on "Single Prize" Pokémon, which helps in the format's Prize Cards race, as it is full of ultra rare Pokémon, which give out two Prize Cards (considering basic Pokémon V, basic ex or evolved ex) or three Prize Cards (considering VMax and VUnion), which is quite convenient.

Format Archetypes


- Against Charizard ex sv3 125 decks.

- Against Meowscarada ex sv2 15 decks.

- Against Decidueye ex sv3 15 decks.

- Against Shaymin VSTAR BRS 14 decks.

- Against Serperior VSTAR SIT 8 decks.

- Against Hisuian Electrode V PR-SW SWSH294 decks.

- Against Toedscruel ex sv3 22 decks.


- Against Hisuian Lilligant VSTAR ASR 18 decks.

- Against Venusaur ex sv3pt5 3 decks.

- Against Dark Box decks that have Galarian Moltres V CRE 97 and Darkrai VSTAR ASR 99.


- "Single Prize" decks, because of the Prize Cards race, which is terrible, considering their advantage is whichever Pokémon is knocked out first.

- Scizor decks, which hit more for each ability your Pokémon have, such as this examplelink outside website.

- United Wings decks, such as this decklistlink outside website.

- Kecleon -Rapid Strike- decks, such as this one.link outside website

- Control decks, such as Alakazam ex PR-SV 50.

Final Words

It is a deck that reinforces that simple Pokémon, "Single Prize" Pokémon, can be as efficient as Pokémon ex and V in the current format. They can deal devastating damage - and their cost-to-benefit ratio is okay, as they are accessible to any person.

Even though it is quite underestimated, it is a very interesting Pokémon, with its double type, and really helps you have more options on board to apply triple or double damage whenever you need in the match.

See you next time!