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Scarlet & Violet: Twilight Masquerade - Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

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Check out the most expensive cards from Scarlet & Violet's sixth base set! If you're a collector or just a really passionate fan, keep an eye out for these cards!

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Scarlet & Violet: Twilight Masqueradelink outside website is finally out! We finally know how much these cards cost, so we can finally start reviewing them and decide which ones to invest in.

Keep in mind how easy it is to acquire these cards, their rates (the differences between their prices in different places), and their language also influence their prices, besides many other factors.

We'll base their market value on the American dollar, and like so rank them on our list. Keep in mind that their value can fluctuate significantly with time.


Top 10 Most Expensive Cards from Twilight Masquerade

10 - Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 215/167)

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The first Pokémon on our list is one of this set's main stars. This is Ogerpon's Fighting version.

Its attack is incredibly efficient because it deals a significant amount of damage and ignores all effects on the opponent's active Pokémon. This means weakness, resistance, and some effects like "on the next turn, your opponent's basic Pokémon have no attacks".

Not to mention, its ability prevents all damage done to it by enemy Pokémon that have any abilities, which is quite annoying for meta decks like Charizard ex sv4pt5 54, for instance.

This card costs around US$42.

9 - Eevee (Illustration Rare - 188/167)

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This Pokémon is incredibly valuable for collectors. I highly recommend you get it as soon as possible, considering it has just been released. Eventually, its price will probably go up and it will become too expensive.

This card costs around US$46.50.

8 - Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 212/167)

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This card is one of many Ogerpon's "masks" - it's its Fire version, which focuses on dealing a lot of damage.

Its first attack deals damage according to how many damage counters it has, and its second attack deals more damage to evolution Pokémon: 280. However, you'll have to discard all energies attached to it to use it.

This card costs around US$48.

7 - Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 213/167)

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This is Ogerpon's third "mask": the Water type! It will be interesting in a Water deck as a "sniper", considering it deals 120 damage to one of your opponent's benched Pokémon. It also lets you recycle three energies attached to it back into your deck.

So, it's incredible to use your energies as efficiently as you can.

This card costs around US$ 52.85.

6 - Perrin (Secret Illustration Rare - 220/167)

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This support Pokémon is like a Pokémon Communication TEU 152 for two Pokémon at the same time.

This is an excellent "staple" long-term, but it is a bit "nerfed" as it is a Supporter and not an Item.

It costs around US$58.

5 - Teal Mask Ogerpon ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 211/167)

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This is one of the most exciting cards from Twilight Masquerade. It will be critical to move Basic Grass Energy sv2 278 to Pokémon like Espathra ex sv4pt5 6. I already wrote an article going through deck ideas with it, you can check it out herelink outside website.

This card costs around US$60.

4 - Buddy-Buddy Poffin (Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 223/167)

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Now that Battle VIP Pass FST 225 rotated out, Buddy-Buddy Poffin has become essential to set up Pokémon, as long as you respect the "70 HP or less" rule. Here's its Gold Full Art version.


This card costs around US$65.

3 - Lana's Aid (Secret Illustration Rare - 219/167)

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In our third place, we have Lana, who is many Alola fan's favorite.

Lana's Aid is incredibly powerful because of her effect. She recycles a combination of three cards (basic energies or Pokémon) from your discard pile and puts them in your hand. However, these Pokémon can't have any Rule Box, so you can't get Pokémon ex, V, VMax or VStar - just "baby" Pokémon.

This card costs around US$70.

2 - Carmine (Secret Illustration Rare - 217/167)

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This card, our second place, is only valuable on your first turn because you can use it to get rid of a "bad starting hand". Furthermore, it lets you go around the rule that states you can't use Supporters on your first turn, which may be helpful in some situations.

It costs around US$105.

1 - Greninja ex (Secret Illustration Rare - 214/167)

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Our first place is this phenomenal Greninja created by akagi. They managed to bring to life this Pokémon's Terastal transformation by using several paint splashes, and made the entire mechanic really appealing visually.

Besides this, this card is really aggressive. For one single energy, it deals 170 damage, and its second attack deals 120 "sniper" damage. It is an excellent, promising Pokémon, considering that it is also a Fighting type Pokémon because of the Terastal mechanic. It can take down some incredibly strong Electric Pokémon in the meta right now, like Iron Thorns ex TWM 77 and Iron Hands ex sv4 70.

This carc costs around US$140.

Honorable Mentions

Unfair Stamp (ACE SPEC Card - 165/167)

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This is, as usual, a great ACE SPEC card. It will probably shake up the meta.

It costs around US$23.

Kieran (Secret Illustration Rare - 218/167)

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Finally, we have Kieran TWM 218. It vaguely resembles Giovanni's Scheme BKT 162.

I suspect this card will become more valuable in the meta as time goes on because it deals the rest of the damage you need to knock out a Pokémon.

It costs around US$39.

Final Words

What did you think of our list? Tell us your thoughts in our comment section below.

Thank you for reading, and see you next time!