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Pokémon: Fusion Strike’s Top 10 most valuable cards

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In this article, we'll talk about the 10 most valuable cards from Fusion Strike!

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Hello everybody. Rodrigo here, and I've been bringing you information again about the competitive and financial values ​​of this expansion.

Despite being a relatively old collection (from November 2021), there are still important caveats to the course of the current format, where many things have changed until then, especially when it comes to one of the cards that is in first place. Let's get to the surprises!

Base expansion cards:

10th) Elesa's Sparkle (Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 260/264)


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Practically as one of the gears of the "Fusion Strike" deck, it is paramount in any build for the format, and always present in its main attacker: Mew-VMax.

As said of female characters in cards of this type (due to the Japanese culture itself), its value is considered high, but "relatively" more accessible compared to other cards that it has in the current Metagame, where we have Marnie as one of the most expensive. .

Its effect is to choose two of your "Fusion Strike"-type Pokémon, search your deck for a "Fusion Strike" type energy and connect them to these. After that, shuffle your deck.

9th) Celebi-V (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 245/264)

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Celebi V is in this position thanks to its art, done by Teeziro, who has worked well with the use of perspective, choice of colors and the ambiance in general. Despite being a practically weak card in the current competitive, what makes up for it and adds to it is its hoarding, as there has been a recent growth in demand for Celebi cards.

Its attacks:

1) Leaflet Dance, which moves an unlimited amount of plant energy from your hand to your Pokémon in any way you want;

2) Slash Back, which does base 60 damage, and you switch Celebi as an active to the bench and this Benched Pokémon in the switch will become the new active.

8th) Mew-VMax -Fusion Strike- (Regular Art) (Fusion Strike - 114/264)

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Still heavily played in the current Metagame, being almost a rival to Arceus-VStar, Mew-VMax remains a worthy competitor. In addition to the Pokémon itself being a symbol of nostalgia for the first season of the franchise, and for Kanto, Mew-VMax can hit quickly for two energies and still copy the attacks of your benched Pokémon that are of the "Fusion Strike" type, having a wide range of opportunities.


1) Cross Fusion Strike (for two colorless energies), where Mew can choose any Benched Pokémon and be able to copy that attack, as long as that Pokémon is “Fusion Strike”;

2) Max Miracle (for two psychic energies), which does base 130 damage and Mew doesn't suffer from effects conditions of the opponent's Active Pokémon.

7th) Inteleon-VMAX -Rapid Strike- (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 266/264)

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Among the 3 Galar starters that won their Ultra Rare versions, Inteleon was the one that had the most sympathy from the public because of its combos and attacks in the "spread" strategy, making combinations with Inteleon Baby (from Chilling Reign), where its ability does two damage counters to your opponent (not to mention the fact that it's a "Rapid Strike" card, which is a perfect tool for deckbuilding in this category). And with the appearance of Greninja Radiant (from Astral Radiance), which attack that does 90 damage to two opponent's Pokémon, there are endless possibilities.

Inteleon has an ability and an attack: its ability, Double Gunner, allows you to discard a water energy from your hand, and if you do, you can choose two of your opponent's Pokémon and put two damage counters on them; and its attack, G-Max Spiral (for one water energy and one colorless energy), which does base 70 damage plus 70 if you return an Energy attached to this Pokémon to your hand.


6th) Genesect-V (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 255/264)

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Still within the "Fusion Strike" deckbuilding format, Genesect is practically the "engine" for incessant draws and resource searches, seeking to gain sequential advantages. Needless to say, it's essential to have it if you're going to play Mew-VMax. And due to the rarity of being an alternative/secret card, it has a higher market value.

Genesect has an ability and an attack: its ability, Fusion Strike System, allows you to draw a specific amount of cards in your hand based on the number of "Fusion Strike"-type Pokémon in play; and its attack, Techno Blast has a base 210 damage, but on the downside that Genesect will not be able to use this same attack on the next turn.

5th) Mew-V (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 251/264)

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Of course, its Basic version could not be missing from the list, as well as the VMax version (which we will mention), since the great mascot star of the collection is Mew itself.

The most curious thing is that, in this art, the artist was careful to place the Pokémon from this collection that are part of the “Fusion Strike” category, such as Dreepy, Smeargle, Toxel and its evolution Toxtricity.

The card features two attacks:

1) Energy Mix, where you look for any energy and connect it to one of your Pokémon that are of the “Fusion Strike” type;

2) Psychic Leap, which does base 70 damage, and you shuffle Mew and all cards attached to it back into your deck.

4th) Mew-VMax -Fusion Strike- (Rainbow Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 268/264)

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For reasons of rarity and being Rainbow, it would not be difficult to imagine this card here.

Still in heavy use in the current Metagame, being almost a rival to Arceus-VStar, Mew-VMax remains a worthy competitor. And yet, with its alternative art, the pricing of the card becomes even more expensive and more coveted by players and collectors alike.

3rd) Espeon-VMAX (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 270/264)

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As a tough match for its Johto counterpart (Umbreon with Karen, art quoted in article related to the Brilliant Stars expansionlink outside website), Espeon is also a community-loved Eeveelution and as coveted as any evolutionary card.

Its ability, Solar Revelation, prevents all effects caused by your opponent's attacks to your Pokémon if your Pokémon have any Energy attached to them (however, previously existing effects remain. And direct attacks are not considered effects).

Its attack, Max Mindstorm, does base 60 damage times the amount of attached Energy of all your opponent's Pokémon.

2nd) Mew-VMax -Fusion Strike- (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 269/264)

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With yet another Alternative art, Mew VVMAX becomes even more expensive and more coveted by aficionados of alternative arts.


1st) Gengar-VMax -Single Strike- (Alternative Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 271/264)

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And with the podium finalist, surprisingly in the Salt Lake regional, the card became part of the key to victory along with Arceus-VStar (released in Brilliant Stars) and the deck consecrated the victory to Drew Kennett, which super valued the card.

Once seen as a "heavy" and underestimated card in the face of a fast and aggressive Metagame that usually hits for two energies for a massive amount of damage, Gengar-VMAX has been supplied by the benefit of energy acceleration by Arceus and also by the Houndoom Baby itself (from Battle Styles) that seeks a "Single Strike" Energy at the cost of the Pokémon that is energized taking a damage counter.

And for its collector value and nostalgia for being one of the first ghost Pokémon in Pokémon history and beloved by many, its alternative/secret art wouldn't be outside the parameters of high prices.

Its first attack, Fear and Panic does base 60 damage times the amount of Pokémon GX and V on the opponent's field. For a total of 6 Pokémon-V in play, Gengar can deal 360 damage for just two energies! Not to mention the possibilities for increased damage like the Choice Belt as a tool item. And needless to say, this card hits Mew's weakness and handily, right?

And his second attack, G-Max Swallow Up, does base 250 damage, but Gengar won't be able to use this attack next turn.

Honorable Mentions:

Even though it's not as expensive a card as the ones mentioned above, it's mentioned precisely because of its versatility in play and the recent moments of diversity in Fighter-type decks thanks to the hype of Lucario-VStar in the Joinville regional and the return of the cards of Urshifu-VMax -Rapid Strike-.

Hoopa-V enters this observation due to its ability, which makes it Psychic-type (tapping into their weakness) and its natural, dark type (tapping into Mew's weakness). Of course, its price is very simple compared to the others mentioned, but there's always that player who wants a Full Art, right?

Hoopa-V (Full Art) (Fusion Strike - 253/264)

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The conclusion given the current scenario (counting as June 2022) is that Mew-Vmax will still be in tournaments for a long time, and even with dark Pokémon in the Astral Radiance format, it still remains strong.

With the Gengar-Vmax showing its air of possibilities, the competitive field is always fickle with and always deserves our daily watch over the potentials as far as possible to use them before the dreaded rotations (but that won't come for another year or two, so rest assured).