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Pokemon TCG: Jirachi V Box Images and Information Revealed!

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Finally the American edition of Jirachi V Box is revealed! Follow now all the news about this new Pokémon TCG Box.

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Wish fulfilled! Jirachi V appears!

Having already been launched in French stores, the launch of the English version should be close. Probably costing US$19.99, as previously announced, this Box will contain a foil promo of Jirachi V that had been cut from Astral Radiance, a Jumbo foil version of Jirachi V, a foil promo of Absol from Astral Radiancelink outside website, 4 Obsidian Flameslink outside website boosters and a promotional code.


Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website

Astral Radiance was released in 2022 with the Jirachi V version included in its Set, but the regular version was cut from the set later.

Em December of that same year, the image of the promotion was unveiled through the official Card Dex application. Until then, it had not yet appeared on any product, and only now it has emerged with the start of the promotion this month.

Image content of the Website

Image content of the Website


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