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2023 Review: The Most Expensive Cards at the End of the Year

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See the 2023 review about the most expensive cards at the end of December. Surprisingly, some cards from sets released before this month spiked in price, and other promo cards gained notoriety.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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As we're already in 2024, let's remember all the Pokémon cards that became more expensive in December 2023, and evaluate sets and promos that we've had in this period and even in earlier periods.

This data was collected on December 27th, 2023.

Top 10 Most Expensive Pokémon Cards of 2023

10 - Magikarp (Illustration Rare - 203/193)

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This card from the Scarlet & Violet: Paldean Evolved set had a decent price when this set was released, but, as the months went by, it started to get more expensive and gain value, possibly due to two factors:


1) Nostalgia related to the Pokémon, considering it is one of the 151 Kanto Pokémon.

2) The artwork was created by Shinji Kanda, the same artist who created the psychedelic art in Giratina V LOR 186, which was another card that gained the public's affection in 2022.

This card costs around US$56.

9 - Squirtle (151 - Pokémon Center Exclusive Promo - 007/165)

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The rarity of this card comes from the value of the Pokémon Center logo on the side of the Pokémon's image.

This card costs around US$61.94.

8 - Giratina VStar (Galarian Gallery - 069/070)

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With the fantastic art by Akira Egawa (I commented about her on the article covering great Pokémon TCG illustratorslink outside website), this card shows just a bit of this incredible woman's talent.

Besides, there is also the question regarding the Pokémon's symbology, both artistically and regarding the "lore" involved.

This card costs around US$71.71.

7 - Roaring Moon ex (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 251/182)

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This was one of the most brutal cards in the format, with its instant K.O effect, and it has been popular in Lost Box and Dark Box decks. It is still getting space in Standard, but it has already gained players' approval.

The art was created by Ryota Murayama, the same artist who created Reshiram & Charizard-GX PR-SM SM201 and Charizard V BRS 154's artworks. He has worked for the Pokémon Company since the X/Y era.

This card costs around US$81.60.

6 - Iono (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 269/193)

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This card has become of the main "staples" in the format because it sabotages cards in your opponent's hand, besides shuffling yours as well.

It is practically a fusion of the effects of N FCO 105a and Marnie SSH 200 at the same time, and it is very destructive.

This card costs around US$86.31.

5 - Umbreon (Obsidian Flames EB Games Promo - 130/197)

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This card came as a promo in stores in Australia and New Zealand, and could be acquired if the client bought products worth at least $20.

The promo version is different from the Best Buy Stores version and the Gamestop version.

Gamestop Version

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This card costs around US$89.99.

4 - Charizard (Pokémon TCG Classic - 003/034)

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This card came in the Pokémon TCG Classic set, which was a superb premium box that brought some classic cards from the Base Set era (with Kanto starters reprints), and some "tech" cards from that time, like "Computer Search".


The only detail that makes these "reprints" different is at the lower border of the card's layout, where we have the "symbol" for its set and number.

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The Japanese version of the box was released in October 2023, and the western (U.S.A.) version was released on November 17th, 2023.

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This card costs around US$109.

3 - Charizard ex (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 199/165)

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It is evident that Charizard gained more value throughout the year due to the release of the special set, 151, and, considering it is the second-most collectible Pokémon in this franchise, of course we'd have it in this podium. Competitively, it is still one of the worst cards in Standard, but it is excellent in Expanded.

This card costs around US$115.

2 - Radiant Charizard (Prize Pack Card Promo - Play!Pokémon Secret Illustration Rare - 249/182)

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This Charizard, however, even though it was released in the Sword/Shield: Crown Zenith set (Radiant Charizard CRZ 20), has a special seal on its artwork, the Play! Pokémon promotional seal. This seal is present in prize packs in official competitions abroad, which contains 6 cards (all of them have this seal).

These cards are included in Prize Pack 3, the third iteration of the packs. You can check out the full list of cards in this article.link outside website

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Unfortunately, these sealed packs weren't distributed everywhere in the world, and some countries only have single cards, which include bulk Pokémon (commons, uncommons, and some stage 2 rares - there are no ultra rares like V, VMax, VStar and Radiant) and Trainers.

This card costs around US$130.01.

1 - Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat (Scarlet/Violet Promo - 089/???)

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We've reached first place with this card that was controversial during its release.

The Van Gogh Museum celebration events had a partnership with the Pokémon Company. The visitors who went to the museum could gain this card for free. Many ran desperately after these cards and sold them for absurd prices on many platforms, and this card was originally a card given for free.

This embarrassed the event organizers, and this partnership was broken abruptly. Later on, Pokémon Centers decided to distribute the card again for purchases over $30. And like so, there was a huge boom regarding this card on Pokémon TCG markets everywhere, and its price is still rising to this day.


This card costs around US$146.18.

Honorable Mentions

Mewtwo VStar (Galarian Gallery - 044/070)

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Mewtwo VStar's value slowly grew exponentially at the end of the second semester of 2023 because of Charizard VSTAR PR-SW SWSH262, which contains the original artwork and complements Mewtwo VStar.

GOSSAN, the artist responsible for these cards, has in their portfolio cards like 151's promotional Snorlax PR-SV 51, Scarlet/Violet: Paradox Rift's Illustration Rare Porygon-Z SV4 214, and Sword/Shield: Lost Origin's Trainer Gallery Crobat V LOR TG20.

This card costs around US$51.

Final Words

What did you think of this list? Was it useful as some sort of guide for your future investments? Comment your opinion down below.

See you next time.