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Scarlet & Violet: Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

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Discover the 10 most valuable cards from the Scarlet & Violet Base Set expansion, considering both investments, competitive play, and collecting!

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With the release of Scarlet & Violetlink outside website: Base Set some time ago, some card prices have already been set in the market.

In addition, we have factors such as accessibility to acquire cards, card rate, language and others.

We will apply here the market value using the dollar as a parameter of them and their placements in the ranking, but it is worth mentioning that it is not the final hammer of prices, since, like every market, it fluctuates in values.

Top 10 most expensive cards from Scarlet & Violet: Base Set


10 - Gardevoir ex (Full Art - 228/198)

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As one of the trending cards in the current Metagame, its ability allows you to energize as many basic Psychic Energy from the discard pile to one of your Psychic Pokémon as you wish, however, it will get 2 damage counters for each energy that is attached in this way.

It costs around US$8.

9 - Rare Candy (Gold Full Art - 256/198)

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Another reprint in the Gold Full Art version, its last appearance in this type of rarity and format was in Sun/Moon: Guardians Rising as Rare Candy GRI 165.

Its effect allows if you have a stage 2 Pokémon in your hand to evolve a basic Pokémon, you can evolve it directly (but you can't do the evolution process if you put the basic Pokémon in the same turn).

This card costs around US$12.

8 - Professor's Research - Sada (Secret Rare - 240/198)

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This one has the favoritism of the fans and charisma for the new teacher in the region more than for Professor Turo.

Its effect is the same as for all “Professor's Research”: discard your hand and draw 7 new cards.

This card costs around US$14.

7 - Miraidon ex (Full Art - 227/198)

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As one of the most used Pokémon in Electric-type archetypes today, with its ability to Summon two Electric Pokémon on its Bench, its Full Art rarity falls into that category and position.

It costs around US$15.

6 - Miraidon ex (Gold Full Art - 253/198)

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Its placement is due to its rarity in the Gold Full Art version, those who like to assemble an ostentatious deck with all the cards with that rarity as much as possible in the deck.

This card costs around US$16.

5 - Nest Ball (Gold Full Art - 255/198)

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Another reprint in the Gold Full Art version, its last appearance in this type of rarity and format was in Sun/Moon: Base Set with Nest Ball SUM 158.

Its effect allows you to search for a basic Pokémon from your deck and put it directly onto your Bench;

This version costs around US$22.

4 - Miriam (Full Art - 238/198)

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This card is a great booster due to recycling Pokémon in the discard pile, as Ordinary Rod SSH 171 rotated on 4/14/2023.

Then, as an alternative, it causes 5 Pokémon discarded in that pile to return to the deck and still with the "draw power" of 3 additional cards when performing its effect.

As it is an efficient recycling card in the current format, it will predominate in many decks, at least with one copy, which left it in this position.

It costs around US$26.

3 - Gardevoir (Secret Rare - 245/198)

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It's in third place for two reasons: 1) the playability of the card in the scenario of psychic archetypes, predominant in the current metagame; 2) with Gardevoir's card that in this secret rarity, the entire evolutionary line, from Ralts, shows a history with its trainer until its old age (very similar to what they had with Emboar LTR 27 in Black/White ).


This version costs around US$45

2 - Miraidon ex (Secret Rare - 244/198)

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Closing in second place on the podium, we have Miraidon ex in this secret art in which he walks around the buildings in a super structured and futuristic city, living up to the allusion to being a Pokémon “from the future”.

This card costs around US$50.

1 - Miriam (Secret Rare, Double Gold Stars - 251/198)

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And to finish the prominent position with a golden key, we have the secret arts of the Trainer cards with the respective humans in everyday situations, whether in activities, leisure, work. From that, we have Miriam on duty all clumsy with the books, to the point of almost falling over.

As these new cards have the new type of rarity identification, you can know a little more about these changes in this articlelink outside website.

This card costs around US$68.


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