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"Scream" Pikachu Pokémon Card is Sold for 15k

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This rare Pokémon card inspired by the famous "Scream" painting was just sold for 15k!

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In a recent auction conducted on May 21st, another rate Pikachu card was just sold for an enormous price: US$15,000!

This rare Pokémon TCG card was inspired by the famous Edvard Munch painting, "The Scream". According to the auction, the copy in question was graded 10/Pristine, the highest rating there is for measuring card quality.

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The original artwork that inspired the cards.

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The card sold.


The cards were released in 2018 as part of an advertising campaign for the Edvard Munch exhibition that was taking place in the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. Initially, five cards were designed for the event: Psyduck, Eevee, Rowlet, Pikachu and Mimikyu.

Each card showed different Pokémon "pursuing" the main Pokémon in the cards, and, overall, they are considered very rare and interesting cards. Each was handed off differently throughout the promotion.

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Eevee, Psyduck and Rowlet were handed out in Pokémon Centers in Japan as promo cards for customers who bought two booster packs. This alone could be considered rare as it is, as they were Japan-Exclusive products, but they were, believe it or not, the second-most common cards of the 5-card set.

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Mimikyu, on the other hand, was available in the Pokémon Center Online Store, which makes it the most common card out of the bunch.

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The Pikachu, however, was the rarest of all, as it was only available for those who visited the Edvard Munch exhibition in Japan. Only one copy was handed out per person. Considering these circumstances, it is possible the Pikachu card is the card which with the fewer copies in existence available.

The fact one of its copies was just sold for US$15,000 isn't that much of a surprise, then, but reports were estimating one copy of this particular card would go for US$2,132, so it managed to fetch a price 7 times bigger than expected.