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Standard Deck Tech: Aegislash & Mimikyu - Barrier against Pokémon V and ex

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Check out the Aegislash deck, which, alongside Mimikyu, creates the perfect defense against ultra rare Pokémon: an absolute defense against Pokémon ex and Pokémon V!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The Scarlet/Violet: Paradox Riftlink outside website set brought many "rogue" Pokémon options (that is, decks that usually aren't centered around the meta), which can be quite creative and fun.

In this article, we'll discuss Aegislash sv4 134 as a Pokémon that blocks attacking Pokémon V and ex, with Mimikyu sv2 97 as its companion. Both will create a "perfect barrier" dynamic against these Pokémon and, additionally, their attacks complement one another.

Aegislash & Mimikyu: Anti Ultra Rare Pokémon Dynamic



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Aegislash: the Main Attacker and its Goal

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Its ability, Mysterious Shield, is clear: all Pokémon ex and V can't deal damage to this Pokémon.

Some effects can still affect it, like Giratina VSTAR LOR 131's VStar attack, Roaring Moon ex sv4 124's first attack, and "instant K.O." effects (which are entirely different from brute damage). But, in general, massive damage, the attack points themselves, won't affect this Pokémon.

Additionally, for two energies (M)(C), Aegislash sv4 134 deals 120 damage with its attack and this attack also has the effect of going through the opponent's active Pokémon effects. Assuming the enemy Pokémon has some effect that states "during the next turn, this Pokémon is immune against evolved enemy Pokémon", Aegislash sv4 134's attack will go through this effect.

Aegislash ex: Eventual Attacker per Prize Cards

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This card's main focus is its first attack, Peerless Edge (M), which deals damage equivalent to 70 times the number of Prize Cards your drew.

In the most aggressive situation possible, if you drew 5 Prize Cards, your Aegislash ex sv4 135 will deal 350 damage for just one energy, which is incredibly strong and can defeat 100% of the Pokémon in this format.

Mimikyu: Aegislash's Complementary Attacker

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Mimikyu's ability, Safeguard, is identical to its companion's ability, Aegislash sv4 134, which means, there's nothing new in it, but this Pokémon's advantage is that it is a basic Pokémon, and, therefore, it is very easy to play it on the board.

Additionally, its attack, Ghost Eye (P)(C), places 7 damage counters on the opponent's active Pokémon, which helps complement the damage Aegislash sv4 134 will deal with its attack, Hard Bashing, which deals 120 damage. Usually, this amount of damage would only defeat a few "baby" Pokémon, but, with these 7 damage counters added (70 damage), this number becomes 190 damage, which already defeats other Pokémon in this format.

Recursive Pokémon

Pokémon to Draw Cards and Energize Pokémon

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Its ability, Clairvoyant Sense, allows you to attach one Basic Psychic Energy sve 5 from your hand to one of your benched Pokémon and draw two cards.

We decided to add this Pokémon to this deck because it is more useful than Bibarel BRS 121, considering it attaches one energy from your hand when it is your turn to play, even if its "draw power" is inferior.

Pokémon to Transfer Damage Counters

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Its ability, Painful Spoons, transfers two damage counters from one of your opponent's Pokémon to another, which is perfect to complement Mimikyu sv2 97's attacks, just like Aegislash sv4 134's own attacks.

Pokémon to Protect your Bench against "Sniper" Attacks

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Manaphy BRS 41 is useful as a defense against your opponent's "sniper" attacks, such as Radiant Greninja ASR 46, Kyogre CEL 3, Kyogre CRZ 36, Moltres sv3pt5 146, Heatmor FST 41, Jolteon VMAX EVS 51, thanks to its ability, Wave Veil.


Starting Hands

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In this simulation, our hand is quite generous:

1) First, place Mimikyu sv2 97 in play. Then, play Battle VIP Pass FST 225 and look for a Natu PGO 32 (considering you already have Xatu sv4 72 in hand, to evolve it on the next turn) and a Honedge sv4 131.

2) You can also use Ultra Ball BRS 150 to look for another Pokémon, discarding Aegislash sv4 134 and Boss's Orders (Ghetsis) sv2 172 to look for Manaphy BRS 41, and defend your bench.

3) Finally, play Iono sv2 185.

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In this other simulation, the situation is also quite favorable, if you're second to go:

1) First, place Mimikyu sv2 97 in play. Then, play Battle VIP Pass FST 225 and look for a Natu PGO 32 and a Honedge sv4 131. Then, play Radiant Alakazam SIT 59 on the bench, to guarantee your strategy and move damage around.

2) Notice that, in your hands, you have Technical Machine: Evolution sv4 178, which will allow you to choose two Pokémon on your bench to evolve, and like so it speeds up your setup by evolving Honedge sv4 131 into Doublade sv4 132, and Natu PGO 32 into Xatu sv4 72.

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In this other simulation, the situation is a bit more delicate, but there are ways to go around it:

1) Unfortunately, we can only play Manaphy BRS 41, so promote it as the active Pokémon. Next, play Battle VIP Pass FST 225 and look for a Natu PGO 32 and a Honedge sv4 131.

2) We'll use Fog Crystal CRE 140 to find Mimikyu sv2 97 to buy time, if there are many ultra rare Pokémon on your opponent's board. So, we'll use the energy on that turn to pay for Manaphy BRS 41's retreat cost and preserve it to defend your bench and stall the turn so you can use Arven sv3 186.

3) By using Arven sv3 186, look for a Rare Candy PGO 69 to evolve your Honedge sv4 131 into Aegislash sv4 134 (cheating out the standard TCG rule thanks to the Rare Candy effect), and get Technical Machine: Evolution sv4 178, to filter your deck and cut down the "dead" cards in your hand.

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This other simulation is the best-case scenario:

1) This hand has two Honedge sv4 131 and also Battle VIP Pass FST 225 to filter your deck and look for a Natu PGO 32 and a Radiant Alakazam SIT 59, not to mention Manaphy BRS 41, which will defend your bench.

2) Next, play Iono sv2 185 (if you're second to play, in case you win the coinflip), to renew your hand and (luckily) draw the cards you need, such as Xatu sv4 72, Rare Candy PGO 69, Aegislash sv4 134, and at least two basic Psychic energies.

Trainer Cards


Supporter to Look for Cards in the Deck

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It is essential to look for an Ultra Ball BRS 150 or a Fog Crystal CRE 140. Even if Fog Crystal CRE 140 has a hybrid role by searching basic Psychic energies, Arven sv3 186 also looks for Earthen Vessel sv4 163, and brings more synergy to Xatu sv4 72's ability.

Its second effect searches for a tool, be it Technical Machine: Evolution sv4 178, to evolve your benched Pokémon as fast as possible, or Defiance Band sv1 169, to complement the damage caused by your Aegislash sv4 134 and Aegislash ex sv4 135.

Supporter to Recycle Pokémon and Draw Cards

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Supporter to Energize Pokémon through the Discard Pile and Filter the Deck

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Supporter to Sabotage your Opponent's Hand and Draw New Cards

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Supporter to Catch Enemy Pokémon

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Item to Search for Pokémon

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Item to Filter the Top Deck and Create "Draw Power"

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Item to Evolve your Honedge into Aegislash Faster

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Item to Filter Basic Energies

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Item to Recycle Supporter

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Item to Recycle Pokémon Energies

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Considering this deck has Metal and Psychic energies, besides the rounded number of Pokémon, the safest option was adding two copies of this card to create advantage by drawing 6 cards.

Item to Recycle Energies

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This card was included because its cost of discarding two cards from your hand to cover its effect is very useful, and, ideally, you'll discard the copies of Battle VIP Pass FST 225 in your hand as they are "dead" cards.

By discarding Battle VIP Pass FST 225, for instance, to recover Basic Psychic Energy sve 5, you'll complement Xatu sv4 72's abilities.

Item to Catch the Opponent

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Mobility Item

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Technical Machine: Evolution sv4 178 is efficient if it is equipped to Mimikyu sv2 97 as a barrier against your opponent's "ultra rare" Pokémon, and it evolves your Honedge sv4 131 and your Natu PGO 32.

Defiance Band sv1 169 is a small luxury that deals additional damage to the opponent (30 points) if you're losing the game.


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As this deck is full of "baby" Pokémon, the wisest thing was adding this stadium, in case Battle VIP Pass FST 225 doesn't show up in your hand.

Archetypes in the Format


It has the upper hand against any Pokémon that is an "ultra rare" Pokémon, that is, Pokémon ex and V.


Decks that use "baby" Pokémon, and can deal with you on equal ground. Of course, if by any chance, when playing against one of the decks that have "ultra rare" Pokémon, such as, for instance, Charizard ex sv3 125, your opponent understands that they can use Charmeleon sv3pt5 5 to attack, your game plan will struggle.


Among these "baby" Pokémon decks in particular, the one that will give you more headache is the Scizor sv3 205 deck, precisely because of its attack, which deals damage based on the number of enemy Pokémon in play that use abilities, considering our deck was built entirely around this.

Final Words

It is a cheap deck that is quite simple to build for those who like "rogue" decks and want to invest in a deck that is not the norm with "ultra rare" cards, and like so surprise their opponents. Even if it is a bit slow to build, it is efficient, particularly if you can be proactive and prepare Aegislash early on.

Until the next article!