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Paldean Fates: Top 10 Most Expensive Cards + 10 Honorable Mentions!

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Check out the most expensive cards in the first set in 2024, which includes "shiny" Pokémon, besides new secret illustrations and new Gold Full Art cards.

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translated by Joey Sticks

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The second special set in the Scarlet & Violet block, Paldean Fates, brought this set's base categories with "Shiny Treasure", and once again adopted the same system of shiny releases (such as in the Sword/Shield: Shining Fates block). Check out more details about this set by clicking herelink outside website.

By repeating the same system explained above, this set brings cards from the Base Set until Paradox Rift and also breakout cards from each set, which I'll show in the list below.


These prices were collected on January 31st, 2024.

So, let's go.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cards in Scarlet & Violet: Paldean Fates

10 - Charmander -Shiny- (Illustration Rare - 109/91)

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Starting our ranking, we have Charizard's basic evolution line, and that isn't a surprise to anyone (but I warn you, this Pokémon's entire evolution line is in this article.)

This card will always be welcome for those who collect this evolution line. It is also attractive to competitive players who want to show off their decks and to those that enjoy this nostalgic Pokémon.

This card costs around US$33.32.

9 - Charmeleon -Shiny- (Illustration Rare - 110/91)

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This is a "shiny" version of its base version that was released in this set, which was an entirely new card. It has an excellent ability that can prevent "effects" from enemy attacks, such as, for instance, the famous Sableye LOR 70 "damage counters".

Additionally, its attack is efficient because it only costs 2 basic Fire energies and deals an excellent base damage, unlike its Scarlet/Violet: 151 version, Charmeleon sv3pt5 5. This Pokémon asks for three pure Fire energies and also asks you to discard cards. Charmeleon sv3 27, from Scarlet/Violet: Obsidian Flames, is also worse, considering it takes recoil damage. Charmeleon PGO 9 from Sword/Shield: Pokémon GO is even worse when compared to the card above.

This card costs around US$34.

8 - Clive (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 236/91)

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This card presents a "chibi"-style artwork by Taiga Kayama, who recently started working on Creatures. Taiga Kayama debuted in the Obsidian Flames set, and brought a childish style for this set.

This card notoriously showed a lot of potential, considering it draws two cards for each trainer you find in your opponent's hand.

It costs around US$36.97.

7 - Penny (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 239/91)

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We'll start discussing aspara artworks with the card above. The interaction between their cards focuses on Paldea's human characters featured with the base Poké-Ball, bringing this object to the spotlight, and shows several characters in different positions and POVs in a dynamic and genius way.

This card is also an interesting way to "retrieve" your basic Pokémon to save them if they're knocked out.

It costs around US$40.

6 - Nemona (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 238/91)

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This card, once again, was created by aspara. It gained popularity more because of its artwork than its effect, considering its effect is quite basic and weak, competitively speaking. Its regular version, from the starter decks, is ideal to get familiar with the game, but it isn't strong enough for a higher level or a competitive level. Therefore, this card stands out more to collectors, and those who want to complete this set or like this character.

It costs around US$43.03.


5 - Pikachu -Shiny- (Illustration Rare - 131/91)

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In our 5th spot, we have this franchise's front-runner, which had to be in this list. This Pokémon is also coveted by collectors and sellers that want to resell it later on, even more if we consider its "shiny" rarity.

This card costs around US$67.99.

4 - Iono (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 237/91)

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Iono is the most expensive Trainer card in this set, and the reason is simple: it is incredibly strong competitively because it combines two effects in one, N FCO 105a and Marnie PR-SW SWSH121. It shuffles both players' hands and places these cards on each player's hand at the bottom of their decks. Afterward, each player draws a number of cards equal to the number of Prize Cards each player has left.

This card costs around US$93.21.

3 - Mew ex (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 232/91)

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One of the few secret artworks featuring Pokémon ex in this set (we only had three, counting with Charizard and Gardevoir) was this Mew drawn by USGMEN, the artist. It was the first card created by this artist in Creatures.

This Mew ex is useful because it draws cards momentarily, and its attack is also interesting: it is a type of "mimic" which, for just three of its own energies, copies attacks from your opponent's active Pokémon, and you won't need to pay the exact cost of the attack you copied. Additionally, you can retreat it for free, which is excellent and saves you a Switch sv3pt5 206.

This card costs around US$111.70.

2 - Gardevoir ex (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 233/91)

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In our 2nd spot, we have this Gardevoir drawn by Kuroimori, which also debuted in this set. It shows the rich details of a night scene with an "enchanted" or "fairy tale" theme, a Wooper at the bottom of the lake admiring Gardevoir's performance, and a Pachirisu peacefully sleeping on the grass, apparently lulled by the tranquility and serenity that Gardevoir shows in this artwork.

Its ability is incredibly strong to attach energies to Psychic Pokémon. In the old rotation, we can use Zacian V CRZ GG48 with it, and, in the current format, with the next rotation, we can use Scream Tail svp 65 with it.

This card costs around US$112.74.

1 - Charizard ex Terastal (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 234/91)

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Here's our first place - Charizard ex in its "Shiny Terastal" form, with an artwork created by the iconic Akira Egawa (you can read more details about her in this articlelink outside website). She gained a lot of notoriety with artworks that border on realism, but don't escape the fantasy of the Pokémon world.

Competitively speaking, this card is excellent because of its ability. It attaches three Basic Fire Energy sv3 230 from your deck to your Pokémon directly. Its attack deals damage based on the number of Prize Cards your opponent drew: it deals 30 damage for each Prize Card, and also deals 180 base damage.


This card costs around US$176.13.

Honorable Mentions

Entei -Shiny- (Illustration Rare - 112/91)

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This is the alternative "shiny" version of Entei sv3 30.

Entei, in a sense, is a Pokémon that is more than anything beloved by fans because of the nostalgia surrounding Johto, and is part of the trio of legendary beasts in this region. The same phenomenon happened with Suicune SHF SV022 in Sword/Shield: Shining Fates, which was also released in a special set featuring "shiny Pokémon".

It isn't relevant, and it is very slow to set up, but it is relatively strong in Expanded, with Welder UNB 214 to give you more energies and Charizard PGO 10 to double your basic Fire energies.

This card costs around US$30.47.

Arven (Secret/Special Illustration Rare - 235/91)

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Once again we have aspara artworks in our list, but this Trainer is much stronger and efficient than Nemona sv4pt5 238 because this card allows you to look in your deck for an Item and a Tool card at the same time.

This card costs around US$26.

Miraidon ex (Black Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 243/91)

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This card is the alternative version of Miraidon ex sv1 227 in its "Black Gold Full Art" rarity, but this tone mimics gold that has been oxidized by time.

It is incredibly essential in Electric decks because its ability looks for two basic Electric Pokémon in your deck and places them directly on the bench, as a sort of "two Nest Ball sv1 255" built-in effect.

This card costs around US$23.

Chien-Pao ex (Black Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 242/91)

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This card is the alternative version of Chien-Pao ex sv2 236 in its "Black Gold Full Art" rarity, but this tone mimics gold that has been oxidized by time.

Besides being quite relevant in the current format, the deck focused on Chien-Pao ex is quite aggressive and fast because it uses Baxcalibur sv4pt5 130 to get even more Water energies. It is still an excellent option for competitive players.

This card costs around US$23.

Wo-Chien ex (Black Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 240/91)

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This is the alternative version of Wo-Chien ex sv2 232 in its "Black Gold Full Art" rarity, but this tone mimics gold that has been oxidized by time.

It is an interesting Pokémon to knock out enemy Pokémon after using its sniper attack, considering its attack deals damage based on the number of Prize Cards your opponent drew. Additionally, its archetype, Grass, is ideal against most Dark Box decks, and has the advantage against Charizard ex sv4pt5 234.

This card costs around US$23.

Klefki -Shiny- (Illustration Rare - 159/91)

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This is the "shiny", alternative, version of Klefki sv1 96.

It is excellent for Control decks, particularly to lock down basic Pokémon that have abilities, and it is an answer against Lost Box decks, considering it locks down Comfey PR-SW SWSH242.


This card costs around US$21.

Pidgeot ex -Shiny- (Special Illustration Rare - 221/91)

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This is the "shiny", alternative, version of Pidgeot ex sv3 217.

It brings several positives as the secondary Pokémon in Charizard ex sv4pt5 234:

1) It allows you to filter your deck for any card and place it in your hand.

2) Its attack, for just two colorless energies, removes unwanted stadiums from the board, such as Path to the Peak ASR 213.

3) It is a great recursive Pokémon that can be retreated for free, such as Mew ex sv4pt5 216.

This card costs around US$16.

Chi-Yu ex (Black Gold Full Art/Hyper Rare - 241/91)

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This is the alternative version of Chi-Yu ex sv2 234 in its "Black Gold Full Art" rarity, but this tone mimics gold that has been oxidized by time.

It is underestimated by players. Even if it has less HP than other recursive Pokémon, it is interesting because it "mills" your opponent's deck. Its second attack also attaches energies to three Pokémon in your bench.

This card costs around US$15.

Mew ex -Shiny- (Special Illustration Rare - 216/91)

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This is the "shiny", alternative, version of Mew ex sv3pt5 193.

As listed above in our 3rd pick, it is a great recursive Pokémon, and it:

1) Draws a reasonable number of cards if your opponent played Iono sv4pt5 237.

2) Its attack is excellent and costs close to nothing (3 energies), and also copies any of the enemy Pokémon's attacks.

3) It costs zero to retreat.

This card costs around US$14.

Gardevoir ex -Shiny- (Special Illustration Rare - 217/91)

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This is the "shiny", alternative, version of Gardevoir ex sv1 228.

As listed before when we discussed its secret art version, it is essential to attach energies to your Psychic Pokémon. It also uses your discard pile as a base to set up attackers like Zacian V CRZ GG48 and Scream Tail svp 65.

This card costs around US$12.67.

Final Words

Which of the Pokémon above do you like more? Will you invest in any of them now or wait for the prices to drop, considering new products will be released soon? Tell us your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you for reading another Cards Realm article! Check out our other articles!

See you next time.